Daily Blog: Sal's Pizza & Rogue One!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Happy Saturday!
Yesterday was a crazy-busy day, I barely had time to change out of my running shoes. After training and a quick lunch with Mum, I had to sit in a hair salon to get my roots done. I'm looking forward to spending my morning reading some blogs and catching up on Twitter.

Time to go for a run. It's getting quite warm outside so I'm wearing my Oakley tank with the sides open and Nike Pro shorts. I'm also particularly proud of my ab progress today.

While we were out on our usual track, we could see the new adventure park that's opened up on the hills. It's just mountain bike tracks at the moment, but they're going to be built up over the next five years. It's about time we make use of our outdoor playground.

My hay fever is really playing up today, but it was a good run. The blustering wind also made it an interesting challenge.

My Mum had to quickly run across the road to our hair salon for a cut, so I'm going to wait for her before having some lunch. I ordered a coffee then couldn't resist getting one of their famous date scones! There was only one left and it felt like fate. Never one to miss an opportunity to get some reading done, I finally started my book on CrossFit. So far it's looking like a great read.

Finally time for food (and more coffee.) I went for the mushroom medley again and it was as good as it looks.

One of the reasons I love this cafe, is that they are all about Fair Trade and giving back to people. They sell some of the cutest gifts, including a few tote bags I plan on picking up soon.

Guess who finally remembered to wash her makeup brushes?

Working on a baking project for my Dad's birthday that I'm turning into a blog post! Can't wait to show you the end product.

I know I don't usually condone packet food like this, but my hay fever has been bad today and I need something to help my sore throat. I'm also having a whole wheat bagel toasted with some oil on the side. I can always justify it as protein!

I had to rush off to work, but it was surprisingly quiet tonight which was nice. We also got given some secret Santa presents! I won a small bottle of wine that I'm now planning on turning into a cocktail on Christmas night. 

Since it's my Dad's birthday today and my brother's tomorrow, we are all doing dinner and a movie. I met them at Sal's Pizza (after getting lost. Typical Steph.) How cool is this place? The food makes for a perfect cheat meal too!

It's finally time to see Rouge One! I was a little naughty and got a salted caramel ice-cream for the movie, but it was so good that I can't bring myself to feel guilty. I won't give away any spoilers, but if you are a Star Wars fan I highly recommend it! There were a lot of claps at the start of the credits.

Important question: what is your ideal cheat meal? I'd love some ideas.
Steph x.

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  1. Sals is my absolute fave!! If I'm not in the mood for pizza I'll usually go for burger and fries as a cheat meal!
    Kathy x