CrossFit: My New Fitness Obession

Friday, 2 December 2016

As a few of you will know, next year I will be completing my first ever Spartan Race! If you're not familiar, it's an intense obstacle race run by Reebok that is held all around the world. I will be running 16kms and facing almost 30 obstacles that will include jumping over walls, hauling sand bags, and climbing up ropes. Sounds fun, right? That's not sarcasm, I'm legitimately excited!

Over these past few months, I have been thinking a lot about my training and what will be the best way to go. They say the most efficient way to train for this race is to take up CrossFit, which combines the best of strength and endurance. After debating it in my mind for a while and not knowing which gym to pick, fate gave me a slap in the face. I was driving home from the gym (literally 200m away) when I spotted a sign for a new CrossFit gym that had opened up. Literally right down the road! I went home, did a little research, rung up and booked my free trial class. As soon as I walked in and saw the rope and wall to climb, I knew I'd found the perfect place. I was hooked after only an hour and I've been going five days a week ever since. It felt meant to be, and looking back now, I know that it definitely was.

I didn't fully understand CrossFit when I started, and I think it's a little hard to grasp until you've tried it for yourself. It's essentially a high-intensity workout that combines weight-lifting, rowing, gymnastics, running, calisthenics and more! I found this video on that perfectly sums up why it's such a great lifestyle:

I wanted to share with you guys why I've come to love this method of training. It's definitely not for everyone, but I still believe everyone should be aware of this part of the fitness world.

Pushing through that barrier

One morning in class, we were doing a workout of two exercises, three rounds, as fast as we could. I was feeling my body starting to want to give up after round one, but then My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em' Up) by Fall Out Boy came on and my mind just took over and pushed me harder than ever. I felt so awesome for completing it in the time that I did. In CrossFit, it's not just your body that grows stronger, but your mind as well. It challenges you to push harder and to achieve more than you thought possible. It's an incredibly rewarding way to train because you prove your doubts wrong every single day.


The first thing I noticed about my new gym was how friendly and encouraging everyone is. I've had more high-fives in the past week than all of last year! I think when everyone puts themselves through the same hellish workout, we all know what it takes to get through it. Being a team makes the whole experience easier and more rewarding. I used to get sick of seeing people working out at the gym with no effort behind it, but now I'm surrounding by hard-working, bad-ass people and it keeps me going. Nobody wants to let each other down, and even if you're the last one finished you have everyone cheering you on until the very last rep. There's no competing and no egos to worry about, just a team that has your back. I've finally found my squad!

Learning Olympic Lifts 

I've heard a few lifting phrases being thrown around here and there, but now I can both learn what they are and get to try them for myself. Even seeing the more advanced classes doing these killer lifts made me say to myself "I need to learn how to do that!" It's going to take time to learn the definition of each move and get the form right. What I've done so far has been really fun and I live for the sessions that see me putting more weight on my barbell.

Become a more bad-ass version of yourself

CrossFit isn't your average gym workout. Every time I come in and see the workout of the day, there's a part of me that thinks "Oh god, how am I going to get through this one?" But I'm learning to ignore those doubts and just get on with it. CrossFit gives you a new attitude towards fitness that you can take into your everyday life. It teaches you that you can complain all you want about being sore or that the workout is tough, but giving up is NOT an option. And your awesome squad isn't going to let you give up either.

It covers all the areas on training I need

When I show up to class at 6.25am, I have no clue about what we're going to be doing that morning. It could be any combination of pull-ups, rowing, 200m run, hang cleans, squats, kettle bell swings, hand stands etc (for the love of god, please no burpees!) One day we kill our legs, then the next we do crazy shoulder work. Not only do I love not having to plan every workout on my own (because I get hella bored, hella quickly) but each day is completely different. I get to improve my strength while also working on endurance and gymnastic techniques within the same hour.

If you're looking for a new way to train, new challenges, or just to mix up your gym workouts, then I highly recommend you give CrossFit a go. You don't have to be super-fit to join, I've seen people of all ages and abilities push themselves through tough days. It can be a very good thing to leave your comfort zone and see where it takes you.
In all my gym-junkie days, I've never felt so satisfied or so proud of how I'm doing. Don't get me wrong, I still love the gym and would never say no to a workout. But I was ready for the next step and CrossFit came into my life at the right time. It's tough, but nothing beats the feeling of proving to yourself that you're capable of more.

What do you think of the CrossFit craze?
Steph x.

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