Happy Things You Should Know About Pregnancy

Monday, 26 November 2018

When it comes to the art of having babies and creating life (because that's how totally awesome women are) I've found that there is a lot of negativity surrounding the process. 

Yes, everyone is happy for you but the weirdest thing happens sometimes.
They're dying for you to complain about it. 

Or you'll follow mommy bloggers on Instagram and after a while you realize they can't caption a post without mentioning a negative of parenthood. It can put people off the idea of children, not to mention dampen someones day. Unfollowed. 

I, myself, have always wanted to appreciate every single part of this journey. I'm so grateful to even be able to experience it and every single kick I feel makes me so happy. 

So to put out some positive vibes into the world of #pregnantlife I'm gonna talk about all the happy things you can experience during this crazy beautiful time in your life!

It's the ultimate time for self-care
You soon learn in your first trimester that you have to take it easy on days where your body is adjusting. You can take a much-needed nap, get a foot-rub from your partner, or soak in a Lush bath. I'm not saying you should quit the gym or not get outside (because gentle excerise really helps!) but self-care is your best-friend in the coming months. 

It's a whole new world! 
I never realized how connected the parent world really is. When Moms find out you're pregnant they immediately want to support you and ask all the cute questions. You understand all the pregnant people around you (and trust me, you'll notice them) so you feel like you have support all the time. I know I can chat to mommy bloggers about stuff. It's really cool! 

You know all those adorable baby clothes your uterus has told you to buy all these years? 
Well, now you can! 
Baby shopping is the best. I would so much rather shop for my son than myself already, especially with how adorable all the stuff is. I will happily admit that I used to browse it all once in a while pre-pregnancy, so now that I can I am enjoying every minute of it. It's also great bonding time if you take your Mom, BFF, partner, sister, or baby-buddy with you. 

You'll know love all the time
I've never talked about this with anyone, but ever since I knew he was inside me I get this rush of a feeling every so often that's just LOVE. Like the love that people talk about when it comes to a new life and it's indescribable. Honestly the best feeling in the world and I can't wait until his arrival so I can have that love in my arms. 

You get to wear comfy clothes everyday
This is one of the advantages for sure, especially if you're like me and you live in gym clothes anyway. You're first trimester will likely be filled with lots of bloating, so dig out your yoga pants and best hoodies early. Now that it's summer time I get to dress bump in my favorite dresses to keep cool. No more uncomfortable jeans!

Just a few of the positives I've discovered on my pregnancy journey so far. It definitely has it's ups and downs, but if you choose to focus on the good I promise you will enjoy the experience so much more.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite part of pregnancy is, or what you're looking forward to most!

Steph x.

My Pre-Baby Summer Bucket List

Sunday, 4 November 2018

While everyone on Twitter and Instagram are getting in the full cozy Autumn spirit, I have been soaking up every sunny day I can. This is my absolute favorite time of year and I'm so excited it's come around again! November/December means bright nights, barbecues, Christmas music, baking, and wearing all the dresses I have to neglect throughout the year. 

Obviously things are going to be changing a lot around here soon. I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy now (OMG) and this is our last summer before we have a little one to share it with. I thought it would be a good idea to make a pre-baby bucket list to make sure I have no regrets this summer. I live in such a beautiful city and don't want to enjoy it during my favorite season. 

Go out for real-fruit ice cream

Picnic at the botanical gardens

Take Enzo to the beach. A lot. 

Find different walks to do

Try new Christmas recipes

Plant vegetables and flowers

Visit the zoo

Host a barbecue

Take lots of pictures

Get back into canvas painting (for baby's room) 

Go out on a brunch date 

Go to a Christmas market

Get dressed up and go out for dinner

Have the best baby shower ever

Try out some home improvements

Send Christmas cards out

Celebrate Enzo's first birthday with a pupcake

What would be on your summer bucket list? We live close to a beach, so I would love some suggestions! Summer is the best time of year to me.

Steph x.