My Five Fav Foods Right Now

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Hi guys, I'm back!

And talking about my favorite topic ever: Food.
Sometimes inspiration starts with the simple things that make us happy and who doesn't feel better after a stack of chocolate chip pancakes?

Like everything, I go through phases with food. Some weeks I'm all about the haloumi, the next I'm trying to make my own falafel again. That's what so great about being a foodie, there's endless fun to be had!

I've been exploring more foods lately and wanted to share my favs. Might be a new blog series on the horizon!


One amazing thing about not eating meat is that you can change around your protein source all the time. Some weeks I'll use chickpeas, then the next its vegetarian sausages or tofu. It's fun! Lately I've been experimenting with lentils a lot. They're so perfect for curries, patties, and adding it to soups on a cold day for some extra protein. I've been buying them dry (for super cheap) then soaking them in hot water with turmeric. Obsessed. 

Oh My Spice Protein Blend

I never knew protein sprinkles were actually a thing, but oh my gosh I'm so glad they are! My bf actually spotted these and we have been adding it on top of pancakes, waffles, and my morning oats. It's like treating yourself without doing any damage to your health, seeing as they have very little sugar in each serve. 

Dried Apricots

I'm all about those snacks that you can keep in your bag for those peckish moments. I am loving dried fruits at the moment and I forgot how good apricots are! Sour and sweet, so it feels like I'm eating candy. And they also give you a burst of vitamin C which is perfect for winter days at the moment. 

Bulla Frozen Yogurt Bars

In a bid to get more calcium in my day, I have rediscovered how amazing these are! It's the perfect evening treat and I am obsessed. They're so damn creamy and I don't feel as guilty than if I was eating ice cream (ignoring the fact that there's still sugar in them.) I'm seriously thinking of making my own with Greek yogurt and puree fruit. Blog post maybe?

Sunbites Snack Crackers: Caramelized onion and Balsamic 

Another snack obsession I have recently discovered and can't seem to stop eating them. The reason I look forward to my fortnightly shop is that I get to find new snacks like this! They kinda taste like corn chips, but with a little coating on top. Seriously tasty! 

Bonus Fav: Quorn Vegan Nuggets

As a veggie you do get jealous of whole chicken nugget obsession. It was actually my standard McDonald's order all those years ago. But god bless soy meats!

What are your current food favs? 
Steph x. 

Why I Should Never Quit Using Lush Products

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Yeah, you totally know I got the idea for this post in the shower. 

Yesterday I visited the only Lush store in my city and just like every time I visit, I'm hooked once again. Just the glorious smell of the place as you walk into the mall makes you want to stock up on everything in sight.

Does anyone else still get giddy when walking in?

You know whether you buy something or not, the products you test will leaving your skin so wonderfully soft. And it's always an experience smelling the bath bombs...

The only downside (apart from my budget) is that the store is on the other side of the city. BUT I really want to make it a priority to stick to the Lush products I love and really work well for me.
Here's why:


What do they put in their products? Seriously, it makes you want to be covered in it. Which makes my morning showers so much more luxurious. We all know Lush is great for self-care when you need it, and if you have your favorite scents around it's instant happiness! Anything zesty or honey infused is my jam. 


I bought my fav 9-5 cleanser and used it the night of. And BOOM the next day my skin tone was even and it all looked so smooth. That was probably when I had my "Why the hell did I stop using this stuff??" Supermarket brands full of chemicals never make me feel this good. Ever.

I also really want to go back to their shampoo bars and conditioners because DAMN they work wonders too. My poor hair gets neglected at the moment, being so overdue for a haircut and always in a ponytail. It needs some TLC and Lush is gonna be perfect. 


Being a vegetarian and someone who tries to have a small impact on the environment in order to help save it, I'm always picky about what brands I use. The fact that Lush are ethical buyers and against animal testing makes me really happy. Plus I also love that they recycle perfectly good pots and don't use plastic. 


I've been more aware lately of preservatives in my food and chemicals in products that touch my skin. I'm not 100% a stickler for it because it can be quite difficult in the modern world, but I really want to try cut out chemicals where I can. The main reason I trust Lush is because their products expire reasonably quick. You know that means it's natural and don't have many nasty chemicals in it.

Are you with me too? I think we should all try stick to products that make us feel amazing everyday, and ones that match our morals too.

What Lush products can you not live without?
Steph x.

Awesome Posts To Read This Week #3

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Who's ready for some blog love!?

I will literally scroll my Bloglovin' feed and Twitter to find new posts to read everyday. Occasionally I come across some that make me just go "Wow this gal is on to something here!" 

I really love doing this series and highlighting some of my favs/new discoveries. I hate it when people say that blogging is dead, because the quality just keeps getting better.
Anyway, here's my favorite posts from the week! 

I've been following Elsie's blog/Instagram/use her app for a while now and I adore her a lot. She and her husband adopted the most precious girl from China and it's been so cool to follow along their journey. Today Elsie has shared how the early stages of the adoption felt and I would recommend anyone read it. It's heartfelt, realistic, and just gives you an insight into a part of life I've never know much about. Make sure you're following this gorgeous family for positive vibes every single day!

And she's done it again. Yet another Hannah Gale post I am obsessed with. I actually read this on my break at work and it gave me all the feels. I feel like she touches on a lot of thoughts all women have in their twenties. I think a lot of us have that internal battle between what mother nature tells us we want and what society/our own expectations want. I loved hearing her story and even though I'm not a mom yet, her journey has been a breath of fresh air for what it's really like. You beauty. 

One of the easiest, most delicious meals you can make and now I have a new recipe to try! As soon as I saw the picture for these come up on Twitter I was committing myself to trying these out. I'll normally make corn fritters on a week I wanna do something easy, and you can bet this will be my meal prep starting Monday. I get fascinated by what these girls are cooking and I'm so glad they are sharing recipes now. 

Petite Ellie: Ellie, Blogger, Broke. 

This post is just brilliant. She really goes into a side of blogging that, as she points out, we don't really approach. I am 100% with her and when she talks about not being able to afford all the luxuries you see other bloggers enjoying. Hell, I was excited to buy my new $10 foundation the other day after being out for a month! Am I any less of a blogger? Nope. Ellie teaching us there's no shame in struggling a little.

Lottie Does: Hashtags I Am Loving Right Now 

Thank you Lottie! I actually had no idea that #discoverunder5k was a thing even though I am constantly looking for smaller Instas to follow. My life has been changed! I also never knew there was a tag for Disney-related outfits. My afternoon scroll just got a whole lot more fun.

What posts have you been loving lately?
Steph x.