Why I've Decided To Start Tracking My Food Again

Thursday, 29 March 2018

I've always had a decent knowledge of nutrition and always thought I could trust myself with food choices. And that's largely still true. 


Lately I've been feeling lost with knowing the nutritional value of what's going into my body. I've found myself more hungry than usual (clearly not enough focus on protein.) So I feel like if I have the info on my phone ready to input and read, I'll be aware and smart like Sally. 

I've tracked my food in the past and found it super-helpful. It made me realize how many calories were in a cup of rice! Plus I never wanted to put in when I ate a naughty biscuit or candy bar, so I lost weight out of the guilt for not eating it. I definitely need that accountability in my life right now, especially seeing as I want to be able to train harder. Weight isn't an issue for me. I wouldn't even care if I go over my calorie limit for the day. Because, you know, gains for lifting. But being responsible with my eating is a lesson I need to teach myself again.

Nutrition is the key to everything in health and it deserves more focus.

So, what killer app am I using? And no, it's not MyFitnessPal.

I was gonna use the old favorite, but I wanted something new. Something that had the same features, but was a new system and looks cooler. Literally the first item upon searching "food trackers" in the app store was Lifesum.

It's just like MFP, but it's so freaking pretty and nice to look at. So easy to use and easy to read how many macros you are getting in a day. They've even added smiley faces depending on how good your food choices were with each meal. I pretend it doesn't bother me when it has the sad face, but dammit I want it to be happy!

The barcode scanner works 100 times faster than the MFP one, so adding food is so easy. Plus, it saves everything you've put in the day before so it takes you no time at all to collect a diary of food. I haven't been that person to get out the electronic scales in a long time, but it feels damn good now.

It also has a water feature to track your hydration throughout the day. You can set it to how many liters you want/are likely to drink in a day and click on each cup as you drink. It's oddly satisfying and I'm so motivated to fill each one everyday.

So far with getting back into a healthy-eating focus I'm loving how I'm feeling. I think this app is going to really help me be more knowledgeable and smart about what I choose to fuel myself with.  I'm excited for my journey in the coming months!

What are your thoughts on food tracking?
Steph x.

Charity Shop Haul #2

Monday, 26 March 2018

One of my favorite feelings is finding new treasures like this. I often visit my favorite charity shops when I've had a stressful morning at work. This particular day was full of some pretty useful finds and I couldn't help but share them. This particular shop has everything from home-wares, books, bags, clothes, children's toys, crafts, and some unique collectibles. 

The entire haul cost me $20. That's all. Pretty cool, huh?

The first item I found was this blue hand towel for $1. I noticed it was great quality from a good brand and I don't have many in my cupboard so I was very pleased. My shopping had got off to a great start. 

Measuring cups always come in handy and I have been on the hunt for a new one. They're handy for measuring stock or just keeping utensils I'm using off the counter. Another $1 bargain. 

These two vases were just too cute to leave behind. I've been wanting to change up my decor a bit and these will be perfect. I might pick up some peonies to pop in them on my dining table. The blue one was only $1 and the pink was $2. 

I live in t-shirts during the week and have been getting bored or my wardrobe lately. A $3 bargain will suit me nicely, especially since grey goes with everything. I also spotted my favorite find of the day which was these ankle boots that were a mere $2! I couldn't believe my luck. They're a size too big but that's nothing a pair of extra socks can't fix. I desperately needed some boots that could withstand a little rain as I walked into work during the winter. My prayers have been answered!

I came across two gorgeously warm jumpers that were only $5 each. I've worn both since and they're are going to serve me well this winter. I will surely endeavor to pick up a few more of these as autumn grows colder. You can't tell me it's impossible to find good quality clothes at a charity shop.

So that was my $20 charity haul! Not a bad effort right? I got lucky on this trip and am so happy with what I was able to find. I should have my own TV show for this stuff, really.

Have you had any great finds lately?
Steph x.

30 Health & Fitness Blog Post Ideas

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Hey Everyone! 
I've been enjoying getting back into the fitness side of blogging lately. It's a category I wish was bigger in our community and I get so excited when I see cool post come up on my feed. 

It's a topic I could talk about all day long and I thought I would share some of my inspiration with you. I think it's important to share healthy lifestyles and what works for you, in the hope that it will help someone else. Food and fitness bring me a lot of happiness and you'll always see me talking about it on my blog. 

Your Current Workout Routine 

How You Find Motivation

Fit Chicks You Adore

How To Have An Active Recovery Day 

A Day of Eating 

Your Fav Protein Smoothie Recipe 

Gym Pet Peeves 

Spotify Playlists For Your Next Workout 

Gym Outfit Ideas 

What's In Your Gym Bag 

Staying Healthy On Holiday 

Health & Fitness Apps To Use 

Gym Memes That Have Made You Laugh 

5 Reasons To Try *insert workout/gym*

Fitness Items On My Wish List

Protein Powder Review 

Your Fitness Journey 

Supplements You Love/Take 

Your Biggest Fitness Inspirations 

H&F YouTubers You Should Be Watching 

Mistakes You've Made On Your Journey

Gym Makeup: Yes or No?

Home Gym Tour

Home Gym Wish List

Ways To Get Fit That Don't Cost A Thing

Your Fav Healthy Cook Books/ Recipes

Meal Prep Ideas

How You Meal Prep

How Fitness Has Changed Your Life

A Fitness Bucket List: Gyms to try, exciting events, marathons etc. 

Fitness Goals

Do you love bringing your love of fitness to your blog too?
Steph x.

Why Travel Means So Much To Me + Photowall Discount!

Friday, 23 March 2018

*This post includes products provided by Photowall.com. All opinions are my own. 

I was definitely that kid who looked at the world map and wondered what it would be like to travel to all of the places that were calling me. At the time it was always places like Italy, Egypt, New York etc. I'm proud to be heading towards the end of my twenties with plenty of miles between my belt. I haven't made it to Europe yet or to some of the more crazy places like Tokyo. But I feel like as you get older, your bucket-list just gets longer. I'm always excited to see what will happen in years to come. And I can drag Steve around Paris once the kids have left home. 

I traveled up and down New Zealand as a kid for my brother's BMX racing. We were very lucky to have a childhood that shaped us into the explorers we still are today. I've always had trinkets from my travels displayed in my room, so having my own home wasn't going to be any different. When the lovely people from Photowall got in touch with me, I immediately started browsing the huge selection on their website.  And of course, I was drawn to all of the pieces displaying places around the world. 

I came across these gorgeous maps and knew I NEEDED one for our house. You can get them in almost any of your favorite major cities like: Las Vegas, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, London, Toronto, Sydney, Chicago, and heaps more. 

I wanted to find a city that was special and for our family there's one: Boston.

It immediately felt like home to all of us which was strange, but in a good way. There were beautiful old buildings mixed with new ones, everyone was outside enjoying the weather, and the history is so fascinating there. Thanks to Photowall I can display the city proudly in my home and when anyone asks what city it is, I can tell them about my love for Boston.

So why does travel mean so much to me?

Special Memories With My Family
It seems odd to a lot of people that I almost always travel with my Mum, Dad and my older brother. I guess since we used to do it growing up, we know we travel well together. The special part about it is that we've been able to experience so much together. New cities, climbing to the top of the Statue Of Liberty, or walking the San Francisco bridge. Travel is so much more meaningful when you're with the people you love.

Reignites My Passion For Creating
You can barely keep me from taking a million pictures then going back to our hotel and spending my spare hours writing away on my laptop. I remember when we were in Seattle and I had never felt so inspired. It helped that we had been to Disneyland the week before, but it was the best feeling. It would be a dream to be a travel blogger just because I know I would be so motivated to put out great content. Getting away from your everyday routine just makes a huge difference.

Ticking Off That Bucket-List
It was the craziest feeling to be in the middle of Times Square with all the lights and the people. It's iconic places like that which leave you wondering if it's real. Or walking down Main Street of Disneyland after watching so many vlogs on YouTube and thinking:

"OMG I'm finally here!"

I'll forever be grateful to have the opportunities I've had to travel. My family has been amazing at making it all happen and the experience it always worth the months of saving money.

That Feeling Of Getting On A Plane
Going to airport the day you leave on holiday is just the best. You know you're going on an adventure and have it all ahead of you. You can get all your favorite plane snacks (peanut M&Ms and sour candy for me) and can watch Disney movies on repeat without anyone judging you.

Anyone else thinking of quitting everything and becoming a travel blogger? In all seriousness, a big thank you to Photowall for sending me this beautiful piece of art. They have also been kind enough to give you guys a 20% discount if you would also like to decorate your home with something meaningful. Just enter the code:


It will only be available for 30 days so make you go have a look at their beautiful range. If I could put up one of their wall murals in my house I would! 

What location means the most to you?
Steph x. 

Five Achievable Goals This Week

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Happy Monday!
It's a new week full of so many opportunities and a chance to make it better than the last. I started compiling a list in my head of goals I wanted to set myself. Not the take over the world and build an empire type ones, but little things that help me conquer the day. 

I would feel lost without a notebook full of goals written down, even if I only complete a few of them. Sometimes you have to start small. 

Keep up with that never-ending pile of washing

I'll admit it. I've gone to work on Friday morning with wet trousers on because I hadn't been bothered to put the washing out in time. Why do I do it to myself? I tend to be awesome at the start of the week then get lazy once busy days take over. Not this time! 

Smash 18.5 and have the most fun I can

I can't believe the CrossFit Open has already reached it's final week! Four workouts have been posted for the worldwide CF community and it's the fifth and final one. The first three were awesome and I felt so good conquering them. We won't talk about 18.4. It beat me but I got it back. I am excited/anxious for Friday night to see what the final workout is!

Have a Thai food date night with Steve

There's the cutest container/food truck that's started a few streets over and every time I drive past I say to myself "I NEED to try that soon!" And since Steve and I try to take advantage of any date-night we can, it's a perfect match. I'm ready to eat my weight in pad-thai once again. 

Post three times this week

Blogging while you're working full-time, taking care of a puppy, and keeping a healthy relationship is hard yo. I need to be more focused, better organized, and have more fun with what I'm posting. 

Meal Prep: Make a Chickpea and Potato Curry 

Some days I struggle to figure out what to make for my meals, but this week I have a major craving for a nice hot veggie stew! I'm already planning how to slow cook everything and hopefully it's gonna taste as good as I imagine it will. 

What are some goals you're gonna set yourself this week?
Steph x. 

What's In My Gym Bag: CrossFit Style

Sunday, 11 March 2018

This was actually a Christmas present from Steve back in 2016 and it's definitely a Big Girl item. Our gym only has three of these for us to use, and sometimes we have to all juggle them around as we lift. So it's just easier to have mine with me when I come to class. It's like a confidence boost when you hit a heavy lift with this on, plus it prevents injuries. I've also worn this if my back is feeling tender in a workout.

These babies make my life so much easier. Whenever any lifts come up that require squats (back squat, front squat, snatch, clean, over-head squat, clean and jerk) I always need my pink shoes there ready. And when I put them on I know I'm about to have some fun.

This was one of the first pieces of gear I bought for CrossFit. I realized how weak my wrists were and how useful wrist straps became. The only problem was sharing sweaty straps with the rest of the gym, so obviously I had to get my own. They help a lot with hand stand push-ups, front squats, and bench press.

Especially in the summer heat, you're sweating for half an hour after the workout has completely finished. You never know when you need to wipe the sweat off your face, so having one of these available helps so much.

One thing CrossFitters are famous for is ripped hands, and we display them proudly. They show our hard work and conditioning we do. There are some high-rep pull-up workouts that just rip your hands, especially for someone like me that has shamelessly sweaty hands. Not a great combo, trust me. So I try use these if I know I could end up with bloody palms after.

Self-explanatory really. Some days I really need it, some days it's just there for sips between lifts or on the car ride home.

Another life-saver on lifting days! Snatches and over-head squats are particularly bad for wrecking your thumbs. I noticed a lot of other, more experienced people in class were using tape for these kinds of workouts and it's smart to copy them.

It sounds gross, but there are some workouts that just leave you drenched and carrying a spare shirt to leave in after isn't the worst idea in the world. And keeping leggings with me (if I haven't checked the workout yet) is a strategic move. My usual outfit involves shorts because I normally get so hot. But if there is any kind of hang lift like a snatch or clean, then I always do better in leggings. My thunder thighs cause too much friction with the bar, so I gotta keep them handy just in case. Fashion helps girls!

And that's everything I take to class! 

You could get me to talk about CrossFit all day long (I fit right into that stereotype) but it's fitness so I love it! Some days I'm terrible and forget to bring some of this stuff with me, or it's just been flung through my car. I also have a jump rope that I keep at my box ready to go for double under practice. 

It does pay to be prepared for any kind of exercise, especially if you wanna be lifting some heavy weights. I'm more than happy to chat about any these items and how they help me perform. 

I really want to know what your gym bag must-haves are! Leave me some comments below :)

Steph x. 

The Easiest Protein-Packed Banana Bread Ever!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

A high-protein banana bread packed full of goodness, no flour needed, no bowls needed, ready to add any delicious toppings, and it makes the perfect, easy breakfast for your workday. 

Sound too good to be true right?

Nope! I found the answer guys, and it's better than I imagined. 

Sundays afternoons have always been a baking day in my family. I had some bananas going bad and really wanted to find a simple recipe for bread that wasn't packed full of sugar for once. So like always, I hit up Pinterest.

I came across this recipe and almost jumped for joy. The ingredients alone are awesome (good for you and budget-friendly.) And then I read that you just have to put it all in a blender and all I thought was no mess/dishes! Credit goes to the Baker Mama for changing my life!


3 ripe bananas
2 large eggs
2 cups rolled oats 
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 cup maple syrup

Bonus: Tip with chocolate or nuts for added texture and taste. 

(I didn't have any maple syrup so I just used black molasses left over from Christmas and a little vanilla essence.)

How to put it all together:

Preheat oven to 175*c or 350*F
Line a loaf tin with baking paper
Put all of the ingredients in a blender and mix well. 
Pour mix into baking tin.
Top with chocolate, nuts, or fruit if you desire.
Bake in the oven for 30 minutes or until a probe comes out clean.
Leave to cool for 10 minutes then take out of the tin and enjoy! 

It honestly tastes so good, especially with the dark chocolate on top. I will be making this every Sunday from now on so I have a healthy breakfast ready to go, or even just a protein packed snack for the afternoon. A perfect meal prep option. 

Definitely give this a go if you're a fellow lover of banana bread like me. Or you are just looking for healthier options with less ingredients. 

Do you love to bake on a Sunday too?
Steph x. 

Super-Simple Ways I'm Trying To Save The Planet

Friday, 2 March 2018

My mother, bless her, always raised us with an awareness for Mother Nature and taking care of the environment around us. She always reminded us of the little ways we could leave as little impact on the earth as possible. Especially with so much damage already done, any little effort will help heaps. 

It became apparent when I moved out of home, just how many daily habits could be made eco-friendly. It feels so good to know that you're making less of an impact. Plus, it's not as hard as you think! 

Growing a garden

One of my Mum's greatest joys in life is her garden, and it's been a project ever since me and my brother were big enough to give her a break. She has definitely installed in me how lovely and peaceful being around plants can be. When we moved into our flat in October I finally got the chance to love growing a garden. It's so satisfying seeing flowers you planted bloom or your vegetable plants flourishing. 

Using cold & eco wash on my machine

My clothes are perfectly clean, smell great, and I saved money on power. It's a win-win scenario. 

Avoiding food waste

Not just good for the environment, but for your pocket as well. It's a good idea to keep a close eye on what's expiring in your fridge and what vegetables are in there. I try getting creative and make meals with what needs to be use, so it helps with those cooking skills too! Also using old bread and turning it into breadcrumbs and storing them in the freezer is a game-changer.

Reusable shopping bags

When I actually remember to take them with me, I feel like I'm winning at life. When I have to get a plastic bag I always have this image of dolphins and turtles suffering and it's enough to remind myself to remember next time. 

Saving power/water where I can

Another win-win scenario. I've been trying to unplug appliances I'm not using, have movie nights with the lights, and short showers (I'm normally in a hurry anyway.) Any little bit counts. 

Buying biodegradable rubbish bags

I bought these right before we moved into our flat and I was surprised that they were only $1 more than normal ones. That little to make less of an impact on the environment? I will buy them every time. 

Line dry my clothes 

Another life-lesson from my mother that I'm grateful for. She absolutely despises dryers and hates when she has to use it on rainy days. We don't even have a dryer in our flat and I'm glad. We have a line outside, or clothes horses inside. 

Checking out charity shops instead of buying new

These days you can find some amazing items tucked away at your local store. You all know it has become a major hobby to find new wardrobe items, kitchen/home-wares, and even old Disney books to collect. It's 100 times more thrilling than going into a store that has 10 of the same item. It's recycling and giving back to those in need, so everyone wins!

How are you doing your part to save the planet? Is it important to you too?

Steph x.