Why Travel Means So Much To Me + Photowall Discount!

Friday, 23 March 2018

*This post includes products provided by Photowall.com. All opinions are my own. 

I was definitely that kid who looked at the world map and wondered what it would be like to travel to all of the places that were calling me. At the time it was always places like Italy, Egypt, New York etc. I'm proud to be heading towards the end of my twenties with plenty of miles between my belt. I haven't made it to Europe yet or to some of the more crazy places like Tokyo. But I feel like as you get older, your bucket-list just gets longer. I'm always excited to see what will happen in years to come. And I can drag Steve around Paris once the kids have left home. 

I traveled up and down New Zealand as a kid for my brother's BMX racing. We were very lucky to have a childhood that shaped us into the explorers we still are today. I've always had trinkets from my travels displayed in my room, so having my own home wasn't going to be any different. When the lovely people from Photowall got in touch with me, I immediately started browsing the huge selection on their website.  And of course, I was drawn to all of the pieces displaying places around the world. 

I came across these gorgeous maps and knew I NEEDED one for our house. You can get them in almost any of your favorite major cities like: Las Vegas, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, London, Toronto, Sydney, Chicago, and heaps more. 

I wanted to find a city that was special and for our family there's one: Boston.

It immediately felt like home to all of us which was strange, but in a good way. There were beautiful old buildings mixed with new ones, everyone was outside enjoying the weather, and the history is so fascinating there. Thanks to Photowall I can display the city proudly in my home and when anyone asks what city it is, I can tell them about my love for Boston.

So why does travel mean so much to me?

Special Memories With My Family
It seems odd to a lot of people that I almost always travel with my Mum, Dad and my older brother. I guess since we used to do it growing up, we know we travel well together. The special part about it is that we've been able to experience so much together. New cities, climbing to the top of the Statue Of Liberty, or walking the San Francisco bridge. Travel is so much more meaningful when you're with the people you love.

Reignites My Passion For Creating
You can barely keep me from taking a million pictures then going back to our hotel and spending my spare hours writing away on my laptop. I remember when we were in Seattle and I had never felt so inspired. It helped that we had been to Disneyland the week before, but it was the best feeling. It would be a dream to be a travel blogger just because I know I would be so motivated to put out great content. Getting away from your everyday routine just makes a huge difference.

Ticking Off That Bucket-List
It was the craziest feeling to be in the middle of Times Square with all the lights and the people. It's iconic places like that which leave you wondering if it's real. Or walking down Main Street of Disneyland after watching so many vlogs on YouTube and thinking:

"OMG I'm finally here!"

I'll forever be grateful to have the opportunities I've had to travel. My family has been amazing at making it all happen and the experience it always worth the months of saving money.

That Feeling Of Getting On A Plane
Going to airport the day you leave on holiday is just the best. You know you're going on an adventure and have it all ahead of you. You can get all your favorite plane snacks (peanut M&Ms and sour candy for me) and can watch Disney movies on repeat without anyone judging you.

Anyone else thinking of quitting everything and becoming a travel blogger? In all seriousness, a big thank you to Photowall for sending me this beautiful piece of art. They have also been kind enough to give you guys a 20% discount if you would also like to decorate your home with something meaningful. Just enter the code:


It will only be available for 30 days so make you go have a look at their beautiful range. If I could put up one of their wall murals in my house I would! 

What location means the most to you?
Steph x. 


  1. omg YES. is there any feeling better than getting to the airport (and having a bev in weatherspoons) before your flight?! i love it! travelling always makes me feel a million times happier.

    it's so cute you still go with your family too!

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

  2. Love this Steph! We're going to check out their site now! We agree to all of your travel points. We loved going on holiday with our family and really want to plan a big trip soon. The past few years it's always been them coming to America, which is great, but we'd love to do something different together like when we were kids! Italy is the place that means the most to us. We want to explore all over! <3

    Lucy and Kelly xx