30 Health & Fitness Blog Post Ideas

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Hey Everyone! 
I've been enjoying getting back into the fitness side of blogging lately. It's a category I wish was bigger in our community and I get so excited when I see cool post come up on my feed. 

It's a topic I could talk about all day long and I thought I would share some of my inspiration with you. I think it's important to share healthy lifestyles and what works for you, in the hope that it will help someone else. Food and fitness bring me a lot of happiness and you'll always see me talking about it on my blog. 

Your Current Workout Routine 

How You Find Motivation

Fit Chicks You Adore

How To Have An Active Recovery Day 

A Day of Eating 

Your Fav Protein Smoothie Recipe 

Gym Pet Peeves 

Spotify Playlists For Your Next Workout 

Gym Outfit Ideas 

What's In Your Gym Bag 

Staying Healthy On Holiday 

Health & Fitness Apps To Use 

Gym Memes That Have Made You Laugh 

5 Reasons To Try *insert workout/gym*

Fitness Items On My Wish List

Protein Powder Review 

Your Fitness Journey 

Supplements You Love/Take 

Your Biggest Fitness Inspirations 

H&F YouTubers You Should Be Watching 

Mistakes You've Made On Your Journey

Gym Makeup: Yes or No?

Home Gym Tour

Home Gym Wish List

Ways To Get Fit That Don't Cost A Thing

Your Fav Healthy Cook Books/ Recipes

Meal Prep Ideas

How You Meal Prep

How Fitness Has Changed Your Life

A Fitness Bucket List: Gyms to try, exciting events, marathons etc. 

Fitness Goals

Do you love bringing your love of fitness to your blog too?
Steph x.


  1. Ah i've been wanting to write more about fitness on my blog because it makes me happy too, so this post is super helpful and appreciated!

    1. I'm so glad! Can't wait to read some fitness posts on your blog :)