What's In My Gym Bag: CrossFit Style

Sunday, 11 March 2018

This was actually a Christmas present from Steve back in 2016 and it's definitely a Big Girl item. Our gym only has three of these for us to use, and sometimes we have to all juggle them around as we lift. So it's just easier to have mine with me when I come to class. It's like a confidence boost when you hit a heavy lift with this on, plus it prevents injuries. I've also worn this if my back is feeling tender in a workout.

These babies make my life so much easier. Whenever any lifts come up that require squats (back squat, front squat, snatch, clean, over-head squat, clean and jerk) I always need my pink shoes there ready. And when I put them on I know I'm about to have some fun.

This was one of the first pieces of gear I bought for CrossFit. I realized how weak my wrists were and how useful wrist straps became. The only problem was sharing sweaty straps with the rest of the gym, so obviously I had to get my own. They help a lot with hand stand push-ups, front squats, and bench press.

Especially in the summer heat, you're sweating for half an hour after the workout has completely finished. You never know when you need to wipe the sweat off your face, so having one of these available helps so much.

One thing CrossFitters are famous for is ripped hands, and we display them proudly. They show our hard work and conditioning we do. There are some high-rep pull-up workouts that just rip your hands, especially for someone like me that has shamelessly sweaty hands. Not a great combo, trust me. So I try use these if I know I could end up with bloody palms after.

Self-explanatory really. Some days I really need it, some days it's just there for sips between lifts or on the car ride home.

Another life-saver on lifting days! Snatches and over-head squats are particularly bad for wrecking your thumbs. I noticed a lot of other, more experienced people in class were using tape for these kinds of workouts and it's smart to copy them.

It sounds gross, but there are some workouts that just leave you drenched and carrying a spare shirt to leave in after isn't the worst idea in the world. And keeping leggings with me (if I haven't checked the workout yet) is a strategic move. My usual outfit involves shorts because I normally get so hot. But if there is any kind of hang lift like a snatch or clean, then I always do better in leggings. My thunder thighs cause too much friction with the bar, so I gotta keep them handy just in case. Fashion helps girls!

And that's everything I take to class! 

You could get me to talk about CrossFit all day long (I fit right into that stereotype) but it's fitness so I love it! Some days I'm terrible and forget to bring some of this stuff with me, or it's just been flung through my car. I also have a jump rope that I keep at my box ready to go for double under practice. 

It does pay to be prepared for any kind of exercise, especially if you wanna be lifting some heavy weights. I'm more than happy to chat about any these items and how they help me perform. 

I really want to know what your gym bag must-haves are! Leave me some comments below :)

Steph x. 


  1. I love how passionate you are about crossfit! I'll be honest that I knew very little about it (I'm a cardio kinda gal!) so I learnt a lot just from this post! Plus your trainers are amazing!

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