Charity Shop Haul #2

Monday, 26 March 2018

One of my favorite feelings is finding new treasures like this. I often visit my favorite charity shops when I've had a stressful morning at work. This particular day was full of some pretty useful finds and I couldn't help but share them. This particular shop has everything from home-wares, books, bags, clothes, children's toys, crafts, and some unique collectibles. 

The entire haul cost me $20. That's all. Pretty cool, huh?

The first item I found was this blue hand towel for $1. I noticed it was great quality from a good brand and I don't have many in my cupboard so I was very pleased. My shopping had got off to a great start. 

Measuring cups always come in handy and I have been on the hunt for a new one. They're handy for measuring stock or just keeping utensils I'm using off the counter. Another $1 bargain. 

These two vases were just too cute to leave behind. I've been wanting to change up my decor a bit and these will be perfect. I might pick up some peonies to pop in them on my dining table. The blue one was only $1 and the pink was $2. 

I live in t-shirts during the week and have been getting bored or my wardrobe lately. A $3 bargain will suit me nicely, especially since grey goes with everything. I also spotted my favorite find of the day which was these ankle boots that were a mere $2! I couldn't believe my luck. They're a size too big but that's nothing a pair of extra socks can't fix. I desperately needed some boots that could withstand a little rain as I walked into work during the winter. My prayers have been answered!

I came across two gorgeously warm jumpers that were only $5 each. I've worn both since and they're are going to serve me well this winter. I will surely endeavor to pick up a few more of these as autumn grows colder. You can't tell me it's impossible to find good quality clothes at a charity shop.

So that was my $20 charity haul! Not a bad effort right? I got lucky on this trip and am so happy with what I was able to find. I should have my own TV show for this stuff, really.

Have you had any great finds lately?
Steph x.


  1. Oh I love everything you found Steph! Those vases are super cute! I do the same thing, whenever I've had a stressful day a bit of op shopping always calms me down so much. My favourite recent find was these amazing Nike high top shoes, they're yellow with this floral pattern on them, they're just ridiculously cool haha! xx

    1. Thank you! Oh those shoes sound amazing :D I've been hitting the shoe section more often lately and there can be some real beauties.
      Steph x.