First Trimester Saviors

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Now that the big news is out I can finally chat about all the things that have been making this time A LOT easier. I'm in my second trimester now and it's true what they say, there really is a lot of hope on the horizon. At 16 weeks along I am officially over the daily nausea and my energy is coming back. I'm even back to running with my Mum on the weekends and feeling really good about it. 

If you're newly pregnant (congrats!) or know someone that is I hope this post helps in some way. Or even if you're like me and have always been curious about pregnancy and wanna learn some tips now. I'm more than happy to share what made the hardest trimester a little easier. 

Yoga Pants 
And I'm talking the stretchiest, most comfy pairs you can get your hands on. I was bloated for the longest time, so I never wanted to wear jeans. Then once the 11/12 weeks bump came in (cutest feeling ever!) anything tight got really uncomfortable. It's like wearing a wire bra all day, you know the feeling? Pregnancy is the best excuse to wear your comfiest leggings, so embrace it!

Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate 
If coffee is a big part of your routine, like me, sometimes you need a hot beverage in the afternoon. I started craving fluffy hot chocolates and found a brand that does an amazing sugar-free version! Since I've craved sour gummy candy this whole pregnancy, it's a great way to keep my sugar levels down.

Berry Smoothies
I've been really diligent with my nutrition throughout my pregnancy, with my baby's growth and well-being in mind. But food aversions can make it impossible to want to eat anything other than mac and cheese. Luckily, being a fruit fanatic my go-to morning breakfast became berry smoothies. They're amazing because you can pack them with so many super-foods to make sure your body is getting what it needs to grow a healthy bubs. Oats, spinach, banana, natural yogurt, and berries for vitamin c.

Snacks. Snacks. Snacks!
Since your eating will be all over the place (thanks hormones) you never know when you'll actually feel hungry again or just need something to settle your stomach. My bag has been filled with snack containers constantly and it's made my day so much easier. Things like crackers, dried fruit, nuts, or rice cakes are amazing to keep handy. I found a brand of crackers I was obsessed with and it was such a comfort to have them with me constantly.

Fellow Pregnant Gals On Social Media
Carly Rowena, Colleen Ballinger, and a few IRL girls I know from school have been giving me inspo for what might be coming my way, and maybe why I'm so lucky I haven't been very sick. I love looking at baby hauls and what foods people have been craving. I love following pregnancies anyway but it's even more fun when you're expecting too. No one wants to feel alone on this journey, so follow all the girls that help keep good vibes.

Let me know how you might have found the first trimester and what helped. Or if you just wanna chat about how amazing yoga pants are, leave me a comment down below!

Steph x.



Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Another day, another blogger announces she's pregnant!

On New Years I tweeted something like : 
2017 Plant Mom
2018 Dog Mom
2019 Real Mom 

And what would you know? Our little jelly bean is due April 2019 and we are so excited! And not to mention relieved that this is not a Christmas baby. Of the six of us in my immediate family, five of us have birthdays in December. It's already a crazy month!

So was this all planned? Actually yes. 

I know Steve and I aren't married yet or own our home, but we had an emotional couple of months thinking I was pregnant (on accident) when I wasn't. I had every symptom under the sun, but all tests were negative. I still have no idea what was going on with my body but it made us ask each other if we wanted to start a family. And of course we did :) 

I've always loved the idea of being pregnant and in those few months I had embraced the idea of this new role. I've wanted it my whole life and the timing right now feels perfect. It feels like the biggest blessing. 

How have I been feeling in the first trimester? 

I've felt super-lucky to have had such a mild case of nausea these past few months. I've only skipped a couple of meals and haven't had to take any time off work. Although I have stopped training CrossFit, not because it's dangerous but I've been feeling like I'll throw up if I do anything intense. Food aversions make it a little hard as there's usually only one thing you feel like. For me it's been ALL the carbs: mac and cheese, toast, any kind of potato dish, cheese pizza. 

My other cravings have been: 
Sour Candy
Tuna Subway subs
Tuna Sushi
Tomato crackers

And on our holiday in Hawaii all I ever wanted was a big bowl of guacamole. 
My craving today is freshly baked rolls with lots of butter. 

I miss runny poached eggs so much. And McDonald's soft serve.  And eating sushi without worrying I'm gonna get some kind of disease. I went off porridge and scrambled eggs for the longest time. It's so hard to eat healthy when you only want carbs!
But what I'm getting at the end will make all of it worth it.

So what's the plan now? 

I've been slowly buying baby bits (that I'm excited to share!) And I'll do a whole post on how were are prepping for baby on a budget. I'm going to start doing my 365 Days of Happy posts again and maybe some pregnancy Day In The Life ones where I share cravings, hauls, and the usual stuff. My boyfriend even thought it would be a great idea to start a new mommy Instagram where I share 365 days stuff on there too, sort of as a way to document my pregnancy and then bubs arrival. It would be super cool to look back on. 

So you can expect baby as well as wedding stuff, and the usual lifestyle posts.

So come join me on this super scary and exciting journey!
Let me know if you are curious about anything or if you are expecting too. I want to document everything about this time of my life. 

Steph x.