Awesome Posts To Read This Week #3

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Who's ready for some blog love!?

I will literally scroll my Bloglovin' feed and Twitter to find new posts to read everyday. Occasionally I come across some that make me just go "Wow this gal is on to something here!" 

I really love doing this series and highlighting some of my favs/new discoveries. I hate it when people say that blogging is dead, because the quality just keeps getting better.
Anyway, here's my favorite posts from the week! 

I've been following Elsie's blog/Instagram/use her app for a while now and I adore her a lot. She and her husband adopted the most precious girl from China and it's been so cool to follow along their journey. Today Elsie has shared how the early stages of the adoption felt and I would recommend anyone read it. It's heartfelt, realistic, and just gives you an insight into a part of life I've never know much about. Make sure you're following this gorgeous family for positive vibes every single day!

And she's done it again. Yet another Hannah Gale post I am obsessed with. I actually read this on my break at work and it gave me all the feels. I feel like she touches on a lot of thoughts all women have in their twenties. I think a lot of us have that internal battle between what mother nature tells us we want and what society/our own expectations want. I loved hearing her story and even though I'm not a mom yet, her journey has been a breath of fresh air for what it's really like. You beauty. 

One of the easiest, most delicious meals you can make and now I have a new recipe to try! As soon as I saw the picture for these come up on Twitter I was committing myself to trying these out. I'll normally make corn fritters on a week I wanna do something easy, and you can bet this will be my meal prep starting Monday. I get fascinated by what these girls are cooking and I'm so glad they are sharing recipes now. 

Petite Ellie: Ellie, Blogger, Broke. 

This post is just brilliant. She really goes into a side of blogging that, as she points out, we don't really approach. I am 100% with her and when she talks about not being able to afford all the luxuries you see other bloggers enjoying. Hell, I was excited to buy my new $10 foundation the other day after being out for a month! Am I any less of a blogger? Nope. Ellie teaching us there's no shame in struggling a little.

Lottie Does: Hashtags I Am Loving Right Now 

Thank you Lottie! I actually had no idea that #discoverunder5k was a thing even though I am constantly looking for smaller Instas to follow. My life has been changed! I also never knew there was a tag for Disney-related outfits. My afternoon scroll just got a whole lot more fun.

What posts have you been loving lately?
Steph x.

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  1. Aww, thank you so much for including us Steph! We are so happy you made and enjoyed the corn fritters! We'll be sharing more recipes soon!

    Lucy and Kelly xx