6 Things I Promise To Make Time For

Friday, 25 May 2018

Can we just take a second to note that this little nugget is almost six months old! You hear people say that they can't imagine life without their pups and it's 100% true. I don't know what I would do now without my fluffy ball of cheekiness. 

Back to the topic at hand, you know when life gets busy and you suddenly realize it's time to step back and look at things. I'm definitely guilty of saying "There's never enough time in the day." 

Uh oh, that makes me an adult doesn't it?

Says the same girl that almost cried at the Christopher Robin trailer this morning. Never mind, I'm still safe. 

But seriously, life moves waaay too fast and it's time to make some priorities. I'm talking about the fun stuff, the times you remember five years later. 

Taking Enzo on adventures
Now that our little spoodle is getting bigger, it's always fun to take him to new places. Sometimes he still gets scared and will jump into my arms (which I secretly love) but I really want to focus on getting his confidence up. While his bones are growing and we can't take him far yet, I'm gonna come up with some adventures that I know will make our little family happy.

Going through my Pinterest boards
I've spent the last three days going through one of my boards and putting them into categories. It's a bloody good time for someone like me who finds it so satisfying. Although I realized there were 2500 pins to go through, but oh well! It's been time well spent and I'm planning on doing the same for more boards too.

Writing a goals list for the day + setting a reward for when I do
I was actually watching Cherry Wallis on YouTube (love that girl) and someone asked her in a Q&A how she stayed organized, and this is what she said. I'm starting to think I need to have a list on my phone or a whole notebook dedicated to my daily goals. Things like cooking meal prep or getting a new blog up. I always need a good list to keep me on track, so this is a great habit to start.

Working on my recipe book
Or just trying new recipes in general. I love to cook, and to bake, and to eat. Especially the eating part. I always go through phases on being inspired, then end up focusing on something else for a while. But I would love to start trying a new recipe a week and trying to perfect the ones I have already come up with.

Making Memories with loved ones
Even if it's just taking our dinner to eat at the beach or going out for ice cream. I wanna make sure we don't get to comfortable and forget to have fun when we can. I'm really lucky that Steve and I have the same days off so we always have that chance of doing something together.

DIY Projects
Taking it back to Pinterest, who else wants to live more creatively? I used to love spending my Sundays getting stuck into a project. I wanna stick cool patches on a jean jacket and make old frames new again for a photo collage. I'm definitely gonna be setting some stuff up because it can be so fun!

I know there are never enough hours in the day, but it's all about making priorities and doing things that make you happy. Hopefully I can come back to this post and remind myself to slow down and make time. 

BTW, does anyone want a six month puppy update? 
Have a great week everyone! 
Steph x. 

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  1. Love this Steph and it's so true. We've been working on a few things you mentioned. We always see our family on weekends and after work, but the last 2 Friday's in a row our little sister has come round for pizza and a movie. It's nice to actually do something rather than just sitting and letting the Friday night come and go! Since moving into our new houses, we've been very into D.I.Y and recycling things and making them new again. It's loads of fun and also relaxing getting to concentrate on something that isn't social media for a bit. Plus it's rewarding to then see the project up on the wall or in the house!
    We're so excited about your cookbook! We can't wait to hear more. We need to get our butts in gear and keep going over recipes and perfect them. It's easy to do from memory, we struggle with the writing things down! :p

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Lucy and Kelly xx