My Strategy For A Better Instagram

Sunday, 13 May 2018

I absolutely love that Instagram as a way of micro-blogging, even when we don't realize we are doing it. I've always felt satisfied being able to take cute pictures that I'm proud of, taking far too long to come up with a witty caption, and adding it to a feed that keeps getting better (hopefully.) 

I think we have all be colossally stuck on a particular number of followers and even if engagement seems good, that damn number never moves more than a few figures either way. It's a burden we all must face, but nevertheless I stay loyal to Instagram as I pathetically couldn't live without it. 

I've been rather uninspired for a while, as you do, but lately I've had that wonderful spark of creativity and motivation that has me running to Pinterest for ideas. 

I started brainstorming all the ways I could not only grow my Instagram naturally, but to also feel less lonely on the app too. Will it work? Only time and maybe some magic fairy dust will tell. 

1. Post Everyday

Even if it's a throwback to my vacation last year, I want to make sure content is going up on a daily basis. The people I remember most on Instagram are the ones that post stories everyday and pictures to go with it. The effort is there and it seems to be paying off for a lot of people. My life isn't that exciting for me to be going out everyday for lunch to take food pics, so I will be planning each day in a notebook and keep weekend photos/ideas at the ready. 

2. Be Proud Of My Content

Who doesn't enjoy that satisfying feeling of clicking onto your icon, seeing the pictures you've posted lately and absolutely loving it? 

I do!

It feels bloody amazing to be proud of what you're sharing with the world. Getting the right angle/lighting/editing it just right takes a lot of skill. I need to be putting as much effort into my photos as the poor fashion bloggers who are freezing cold in their gorgeous outfits to get the gram.  

3. Creative Food Photography

This is an area I have been wanting to dive in to for quite some time now and it feels like the right path. I used to love doing baking posts, mainly for displaying my final product and taking mouthwatering photos of it all. I have so many ideas saved on Pinterest boards for when I have the time to really practice my skills. I want to be trying new recipes and setting up beautiful pics to go with them. 

4. Start Sharing Recipes

This is one of the main reasons I will follow certain food bloggers on Instagram, as I feel like they offer you a lot of value for simply following them. They normally give you secret recipes you won't find in a cookbook, and it's almost always good for you. I love seeing what other people use to make protein pancakes, banana bread, or how they flavor different meats (obvs to keep the boyfriend happy.) I want to be able to offer my followers the same secret recipes, so look forward to lots of ideas in the coming future!

5. Engage More

I've always found it fun to surf through hashtags and see what other bloggers/food enthusiasts are posting about. I'll always go through and like a whole bunch, as well as follow new peeps, but I need to get better at leaving comments. I always appreciate comments on my own pictures, meaning they were good enough for someone to stop scrolling. Engagement is always up to you and I'm gonna work hard on it.

Who else has been hit with motivation for Instagram lately? It's a tricky app, I know. But I love it all the same.

Do you have any tips for a better Instagram?

BTW you can find me here! Steph x.


  1. We've been feeling very inspired lately Steph and agree with all your points. We feel like a little extra attention to it goes a long way but only time will tell. Even if that number goes up and down constantly, at least we feel happy with what we post and at the end of the day, we feel that's what matters most! :)

    Lucy and Kelly xx

    1. Agreed! I honestly look forward to seeing your beautiful photos every morning I open the app now :)
      Steph x.