My Five Fav Foods Right Now

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Hi guys, I'm back!

And talking about my favorite topic ever: Food.
Sometimes inspiration starts with the simple things that make us happy and who doesn't feel better after a stack of chocolate chip pancakes?

Like everything, I go through phases with food. Some weeks I'm all about the haloumi, the next I'm trying to make my own falafel again. That's what so great about being a foodie, there's endless fun to be had!

I've been exploring more foods lately and wanted to share my favs. Might be a new blog series on the horizon!


One amazing thing about not eating meat is that you can change around your protein source all the time. Some weeks I'll use chickpeas, then the next its vegetarian sausages or tofu. It's fun! Lately I've been experimenting with lentils a lot. They're so perfect for curries, patties, and adding it to soups on a cold day for some extra protein. I've been buying them dry (for super cheap) then soaking them in hot water with turmeric. Obsessed. 

Oh My Spice Protein Blend

I never knew protein sprinkles were actually a thing, but oh my gosh I'm so glad they are! My bf actually spotted these and we have been adding it on top of pancakes, waffles, and my morning oats. It's like treating yourself without doing any damage to your health, seeing as they have very little sugar in each serve. 

Dried Apricots

I'm all about those snacks that you can keep in your bag for those peckish moments. I am loving dried fruits at the moment and I forgot how good apricots are! Sour and sweet, so it feels like I'm eating candy. And they also give you a burst of vitamin C which is perfect for winter days at the moment. 

Bulla Frozen Yogurt Bars

In a bid to get more calcium in my day, I have rediscovered how amazing these are! It's the perfect evening treat and I am obsessed. They're so damn creamy and I don't feel as guilty than if I was eating ice cream (ignoring the fact that there's still sugar in them.) I'm seriously thinking of making my own with Greek yogurt and puree fruit. Blog post maybe?

Sunbites Snack Crackers: Caramelized onion and Balsamic 

Another snack obsession I have recently discovered and can't seem to stop eating them. The reason I look forward to my fortnightly shop is that I get to find new snacks like this! They kinda taste like corn chips, but with a little coating on top. Seriously tasty! 

Bonus Fav: Quorn Vegan Nuggets

As a veggie you do get jealous of whole chicken nugget obsession. It was actually my standard McDonald's order all those years ago. But god bless soy meats!

What are your current food favs? 
Steph x. 

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  1. Food is my favourite topic haha, loved this post! I'm trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into my diet, so I definitely need to try experimenting more with lentils. The sunbites snack crackers sound amaazing, need to get my hands on them! X