What I Eat In A Day: 2018

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Oh hey there, it's been a while. 

I would apologize for being away for so long (again) but life is so funny and I just needed some time away. But I got those blogging endorphins flowing again and I feel great! I think I tend to worry too much about blog topics, so I'm going back to basics. Sometimes you need time to regroup and figured out what direction you need to go. 

I've been binging on Ugly Delicious on Netflix lately and one of the shows participants is a food writer. 


How have I never considered this as a job before?! It's perfect for me right? 
That's what MarvelSteph might just become a food based blog (not unlike my Instagram which is 99.5% food pics.) I'll be mixing in life stuff too, but if food is what makes me wanna write for days, then I'm gonna do it. 

So let's start with a fun one: A typical day of eating! 

Breakfast today was my favorite oatmeal bake with stewed apples. I prepped this super-quickly one night after work and it makes my mornings so easy. Plus I spent the first few hours of my shift really looking forward to my breakfast break. I shared the recipe over on my Instagram recently and have made it countless times already. If you're looking for an easy/delicious start to the day, this is for you. 

My favorite topping is apples and raisins that I've just stewed up over a medium heat with water, cinnamon, and a little coconut sugar. Perfect for the cold winter mornings we gave been having. 

Thursday lunches always take us to one of my FAV cafes in Christchurch, Park Ranger. 
They have amazing cabinet food: fresh salads, adventurous pizzas, and filled rolls that make me wanna drop my rules on carbs. Normally I get one of their salads with a side of haloumi, but the hand-made fruit bagels called to me. Bagels have great protein, plus I had a healthy breakfast so why not. 

Mum and I also split a raw snickers slice. This place makes one of the best ones in the city too! Perfect way to end a meal and start some midday shopping. 

I found a fun afternoon snack at the supermarket today: Apple Chips! I forgot how much I love these. 

Now for one of my favorite meals of the day: My afternoon Berry Protein Smoothie. I've been making these a lot lately and it keeps me so full until dinner time. Plus it's the perfect way to get a boost of protein, calcium and vitamins into your diet. Here's what I used:

1 yogurt tub
1 banana
frozen berry/spinach mix
1 scoop banana whey protein
1 cup calcium milk

It's Taco Thursday! Not really a thing, but I recently bought these cool taco shells that taste like nachos and we are obsessed. I prepped a big pot of bean chili on Monday, so it worked out perfect for an easy dinner. I just toasted them in the oven with some cheese and layered on the sour cream of course. So quick and easy after getting home late from work. 

That's it! A pretty typical day of eating. Most of the time I'm healthy and thinking of what nutrients I'm getting, but with a few treats in between. I love food, so I always let myself have something if my day is already balanced nutritional-wise. Plus I've lost weight recently due to sickness and I wouldn't mind building it back up so I can get back to lifting ALLLL the weights. 

What foodie topics would you love to see on my blog? 
Steph x. 

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