Daily Blog: Awesome Workout & Donuts!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Monday 12th December 

I woke up to an absolute storm outside this morning. The rain was so loud that I thought it was the wind. But it will make for a cozy blogging session while I eat breakfast!

Trying to take a cute picture of me and Bud. He wasn't quite co-operating and just wanted me to let him sleep. 

It's about 10.15am, and I'm officially hungry again. We had home-made pizzas for dinner last night and had a base left over. We made them out of buckwheat flour and natural yogurt, so they're healthy and full of protein. I just added some pesto, avocado, caramelized onions, and olives.

Since it's Monday, I have to reorganize my blog board for the week. I can't start my work without doing this, it's really calming for some reason. I'm kind-of on track for Blogmas, although my post ideas have changed a lot since the month began. I've also been munching on one of my healthy gingerbread cookies, still so good.

THIS JUST HAPPENED. Everyone stay calm, but Zoella (the very queen on the internet) just liked one of my tweets. I'm a happy girl.

My workout routine is all different today for a few reasons. Because it's still super windy, my Mum (who still has a cold) just came home and we took turns running on the treadmill in our garage. I did a twenty minute session, which was actually really good! I have to bounce more than what I would when I just running on pavement, so it's great leg work. Not as much fun as being outside, but you have to fit it in where you can. Also Zoella's vlogmas is a great running distration!

From one workout outfit...

To another! 

Lunch time! This is my meal prep for the week: quorn stirfry with brown rice/quinoa, mushrooms, frozen veggie mix, chili, ginger, turmeric, and almonds for added texture/good fats. I'm also spending time catching up on vlogmas/daily videos that I've missed over the past few days. December is the best month on YouTube!

Quick protein hit before I go work out. I was going to have another coffee or pre-workout before I leave, but I'm a bit jittery so it wouldn't be a good idea.

I've been looking forward to this afternoon CrossFit class all day! I checked the workout earlier on and got excited. We started off with the strength section first and it's my favorite back squats! We had to do four sets of five reps. I managed to do a round of 75kg, which is still the heaviest weight I've tried. 80kgs is my goal, so I'm almost there!

 Now the fun round of:
5 deadlifts
10 box jumps
5 hand stand push-ups

We had to get as many reps as we could in 15 minutes. I only did 45kg on my DL, but I managed to get ten rounds and four reps. I slowed down after I hit my shin on the box again, but I kept going anyway (limping and all.) I was so happy to have HSPU in the workout. I've only done them twice before but seem to have a bit of a knack for them. Plus all of the gymnastics stuff is so fun.

I stayed behind today so that I could take some cool pictures of the next class. My coach needs some new Instagrams, and I'm always keen to get my camera out! It was quite tricky getting action shots, but luckily some of the guys were in sync and it made for a cool photo. I took about 150 in all, so I have a lot of sorting to do. Can this be my new job, please? You can check out their account here if you'd like to see some of my shots.

My third shin injury. That's gonna bruise tomorrow.

Getting ready for Rouge One this weekend by watching The Force Awakens! There's also nothing else for me to put on in the background while I cook. Anyone else have to do that?

I really need to eat something before I start, and this black bean dip is so good! I shouldn't have gone for the bread roll, but this is what happens when I come home from a workout and have no control over my hunger.

I also had a massive craving for protein donuts. Haven't made them in a while, but they only failed last time because I forgot the yogurt. Practice makes perfect!

Okay, kind of a success! They're a little dense (too much yogurt this time) but they taste really good. They are officially my favorite healthy treat to keep at the ready. I went by this recipe if you're looking to make them yourself.


I quickly put together some brown rice, asparagus, and almonds with some seasoning. Healthy carbs are always a must! Then for some protein, I grilled tofu steaks in some sweet chili sauce until they caramelized. I'm gonna add some salad greens to this and then it will be a well-balanced meal.

And then I had another protein doughnut for dessert! I spent a lot of time before bed going through those photos for CrossFit. I want to get them to my coach as soon as I can, so I had better find the best ones to edit.

Who else is excited for Rogue One?
Steph x.


  1. OMG all of this food looks so delicious! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Thanks! I love having nights off work so I can cook, or bake something :)
      Steph x.

  2. You give me such food goals lol Everything you make looks so delicious! I'm always jealous of people who enjoy cooking because that really isn't something that brings me much joy at all, which makes healthful eating quite difficult.

    I'd be really interested in reading how you go about trying to reach your blog goals! That's something I want to focus more on in the new year. I'm always reading up on different people's approaches so I'd love to learn about yours if you're willing to share! :)

    Katie | www.overthemoony.com

    1. Aw thank you! I know cooking isn't for everyone. If I could cook for lovely bloggers like you I would :)
      I could totally do a post on that! I've been wanting to write something like it for a while. I'll get on it! Thanks for the awesome feedback :D
      Steph x.