Daily Blog: Getting My License & Tattoo Care

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tuesday 6th December 2016

Our CrossFit workout this morning:

Warm-Up: 8min AMRAP
15sec L-Sit Hold 
(hang from bar w/ legs raised)
10m Bear Crawl
10m Backwards Bear Crawl
10 Jumping Squats

METCON for time:
21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6 (of each)
Over The Bar Burpees
Hang Cleans (19kg)

I think our coach is trying to kill us this week! Yesterday was 100 Kettle bell swings, and today's challenge is 80 burpees. This is where my stamina and endurance from running really kicks in. I managed to finish the round in 16.59min, before the cut off time of 18min. We were all very much dead after that round!

Hang Power Snatch x3
Every minute, one the minute for 12.

I've only done this lift once before and it's a tricky one. I've been told that it will take a lot of practice, and I managed a few good ones in the sets we did. I'm hoping they come up more often so I can get better. One thing I'm trying to work on is not getting frustrated and just concentrating on getting the moves right.

I'm off to get my full license done today, so I'm a bit nervous. I've washed my car and made sure there's no rubbish inside. I'm trying to eat something now (multi-grain toast with peanut butter and banana on top) but I'm struggling because I usually can't eat when I'm anxious.

I DID IT! It was quite an easy test, although I thought I mucked up a few times. Luckily the man taking the test was lovely and I could tell when I did something right. It feels so good to finally have it done. It's my own fault for putting it off for so long. See, it pays off when you do things that scare you.

I'm finally in the mood for some lunch, so I'm going to dig into my meal prep. It's just a simple stir-fry with tofu, brown rice and vegetables in a black bean sauce. I'm also catching up on some Dan & Phil Games! 

Almost forgot my advent calendar today. Is it just me or December going by really quickly?

Tattoo Update: It's healing really well at the moment. There was a bit of swelling the next day, but it's all gone now. That hadn't happened to me before, so I put an ice pack on it and took some ibuprofen. I've also been avoiding wearing long sleeve shirts where I can, or any materials that might irritate the area. Whenever it looks dry, I've been using a little of this Papaw ointment. It's a natural way to heal almost anything and I've used it on all of my recent tattoos. I swear by this stuff!

It wouldn't be a day-in-the-life without some protein waffles! I need to catch up on some nutrition and there's no better way to do that through some oats, eggs, banana, and whey powder. I added chocolate sprinkles to celebrate getting my license. Perfect fuel that I don't have to feel guilty about.

Since Tuesdays are my usual night off work, I had plans for a bulk photo shoot and lots of writing. But I got a call saying they were short on staff and decided to go. On the plus side, it's extra money to get me through Christmas!

Two stir-fries in one day is not how I usually do it, but we needed something easy since I wouldn't be home to cook. This one has extra mushrooms, courgettes, and ginger. I'm also having a cheeky coffee because it may be 8.30pm, but I have so much blog work to do before bed. Don't worry, thanks to my coffee addiction the caffeine wears off quickly.

There's still a bit of my birthday cake left for dessert tonight! I swear this is has gotten more delicious by chilling in the fridge for a few days. Buddy is ready to help me eat it, should there be any leftovers (there wasn't, sorry Bud! He did get to lick the bowl clean.)

It's only 10pm and I am so ready for bed. With the added intensity to our CrossFit workouts, I am getting way more exhausted by the end of the day. There's open games coming up in March that our coach is preparing us all for, which I'm sure we all will thank him for later.

How are you guys liking Blogmas so far?
Steph x.

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  1. Your tattoo is absolutely beautiful. I love the placement and the design! Gorg.

    Love, Kerstin

    1. Aw thanks so much! I'm still in love with it :)
      Steph x.

  2. Steph, you are amazing!! Just reading what you do at Crossfit makes me feel tired!! I've had a week off from the big gym as I wasn't well last week, but I did go to our apartment gym on Monday for a little arm session and this morning it's back to the big gym for leg day!! I can't believe I've actually missed it but I have!! :p I love your advent calendar, Rey is awesome!! :) Really enjoying your blogmas posts, eeek Christmas is just so fun! Have a great day! :)

    Kelly x |~ SweetIsAlwaysInStyle || Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. Aww Kelly, thanks! Crossfit has been making me so tired, but its worth it. It's good you took time off to get better, that's always a smart idea. It makes me so happy that you are loving gym life! Keep up the awesome work. Glad you're enjoying my posts!
      Steph x.

  3. I'm turning 22 in a few months and I still can't drive. Oh well. I guess getting a driver's license is one of my goals for 2017 x


    1. It's easier than you think. You'll be fine :)
      Steph x.

  4. Congrats on getting your license!! And ugh, 80 burpees?! I think I would die. I do YouTube workouts by a guy named Millionaire Hoy and he does a ton of burpees in his workouts. They are the worst!! Good for you on getting through them all!

    Katie | www.overthemoony.com

    1. Thanks Katie! I know, I hate burpees and they hate me too haha they take so much energy.
      Steph x.