My Top 5 Superhero Movies!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

You guys know how much I love my superheroes. I grew up with them and I still run off to the movies as soon as the come out to watch them be awesome. I was thinking the other day about which ones were my favorites and thought it would be fun to share. It was quite a tough list to make, no gonna lie. And some films like Ant Man and Civil War were very close to making the cut. But if I had to choose a top five, these would be it:

Avengers: Age of Ultron

I know this one isn't a massive favorite for everyone, but I loved it! I don't know how Joss Whedon was able to give each character great moments that showcases how awesome they are, or what insecurities they hide. I LOVE the additions of Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver to the team.They have become some of my favorite Marvel characters out of everyone so far. The action scenes were just plain awesome and Ultron as a villain was pretty intimidating. They could not have picked anyone better than James Spader to voice him, because it was pretty chilling. The right amount of humor was there too. It just has everything I want out of a superhero movie.


I mean, we all know why this one is awesome. I don't think I've laughed more in a movie that's also incredibly violent and bad-ass. The way that Deadpool interacts with the audience and breaks the forth wall isn't something we have in any other Marvel/DC movie. Bless Ryan Reynolds for bringing this character to life in such an epic way. If they could somehow bring him into a team-up with the Avengers, or even just Spider-Man, I would be such a happy fangirl.

Iron Man 

 I think that like a lot of people, my love of superheroes was renewed with this movie. It was certainly the best project that Marvel Studios could have gotten behind. There's just something so good about origin movies and this one is gold. Robert Downey Jr is just effortlessly cool and I think his talent lies in where he gives us two different sides to Tony Stark. His confident side and his more vulnerable one only Pepper gets to see. Plus, the rock-inspired soundtrack for this movie is so good and such a perfect fit.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This was definitely the movie than changed the MCU forever, and I love it! It finally steps away from the typical heroes saving the world storyline and changing into something darker. I love the grittiness of the fight scenes and they definitely pack more of a punch. It's really interesting to see heroes left with absolutely nothing and to watch how they come back from it. Bringing in Falcon was such a great choice as well, his humor is perfect for Cap. I really like the Winter Soldier story as well, especially because it ties back to Steve's past and makes him less of a 24/7 hero, and more human.

The Dark Knight Rises 

Because DC can make great superhero movies too! The Dark Knight series is one of my favorites of all time and for some reason this third one is the best of them all for me.The amount of plot-twists and character developments makes this movie so interesting to watch. And just like CA: The Winter Soldier, it's really cool to see how a hero comes back from being absolutely defeated and still saving the day. I loved how it proves that Batman doesn't even need to be in the city to have an impact and just his influence can bring out the hero in other people. It also has some of my favorite actors all working together, so it couldn't get much better than that!

Now it's your turn! Let me know in the comments what you favorites are and we can geek out together : )

Steph x.


  1. I'm a huge Marvel fan so I really love all your faves especially Iron Man! I really like Deadpool as well.. funny! But I've never watched Batman xx

    1. Iron Man is so awesome! It made watching Civil War really hard because I was on Team Cap :( You should definitely give Batman a go, he's really cool!
      Steph x.