Daily Blog: Boxing Fail & Going Dairy-Free!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Good morning from a very foggy Christchurch!

Pancakes and my favorite mug full of hot coffee to start my day. How cute is Eduardo?! Can't believe the Sacconejolys have been on YouTube for 6 years! So grateful for them sticking to daily vlogging despite what they've been put through. That family makes me so happy. 

Gym OOTD: My tank is from Forever 21 and it keeps me nice and cool with the holes at the back. Also wearing my favorite Lululemon crop top for some color. 

I'm all ready for boxing today! So happy that I packed my gym bag last night instead of rushing around this morning!

Well, boxing was a little bit of a fail today! 
My trainer started me with an intense cardio set and it really threw my breathing. I went to do a pull-up, then stopped and was like "Ok, I need to lay down because I can't breathe." It's happened a couple times now, but if I'm able to steady my breathing (lying with your feet raised is really great!) then I can stop a panic attack from happening. 

We got back to it and finally put on my gloves. My trainer told me that I could actually knock someone out with how strong my punches are (good too know if any boys are ever mean to me...)

The next fail came when my shoulder that was tight yesterday started playing up again. After a bit of stretching, my trainer thinks that I've pulled it at some point and it hasn't had a chance to heal properly. So I'm going to lay off the upper body work until Monday and just do legs and cardio stuff. 

I stayed for another hour to work on my legs, which was actually really good. My squats are improving! I went back through my notes and my reps are getting better with heavier weights. And most importantly, my form is still right when I do it too!

My Mum used up all of my milk making macaroni cheese the other day, so I had nothing but water to make a protein shake today (and I ain't drinking that combo!) But thankfully my favorite cafe is right next door, so I ordered a Power Protein smoothie once I'd finished my workout. It was so good, I love that they put nut butter in theirs too. 

Off to the mall for some lunch and food shopping!

I went for the paleo salmon cake and raw energy salad. It was such a great combination with the beetroot. 

Exciting time picking out my next bag of protein! Well, exciting for me anyway. I was considering buying a new brand, but I really like the flavor of the Red 8 one. It's not too sweet and it has no nasties in it. They sell it at my gym, so it must be good for you. 

Time for a food haul! 
I mentioned the other day that I wanted to go dairy-free and see it that helps fix a few health problems, mainly my skin. I'm not going to go super-strict and not let myself have anything dairy, but I just want to cut out my main sources that I have everyday. 
My biggest concern was honestly what to put in my coffee, so I bought a zero-lacto one to try out. I also got a carton of soy milk to keep in the cupboard in case I run out. I also picked up more almond milk for my breakfasts and to use in my protein smoothies. 

With all of the pancakes I've been having, I got some more coconut oil for cooking. I picked up more brown rice for my meal prep on Sunday, as well as some spicy satay sauce I might toss my tofu in. It's going to be so good! 

Healthy snacks are also essential for the week ahead. I'm addicted to pears at the moment and these hard ones are my favorite. I picked up some mini protein bars to keep in my bag for an emergency snack situation (the threat is real.) I also got an antioxidants mix to snack on while I work. It's full of cashews, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and tiny amount of dark chocolate. 

So happy to have a brand new bag of protein ready to go!

Speaking of snacks, this is what I'm having this afternoon. Sliced pear, some antioxidant mix, and a rice cracker peanut butter sandwich that just might be my new favorite thing to have! So good. I'm going to munch on it all while I hastily edit yesterday's daily blog. 

Home from work and I was so hungry that I forgot to show you want I had for dinner. It was just a spare meal prep (tofu & veges) that I had in the fridge. I'm also have some banana chips that I bought last week as a little dessert.

Getting my clothes ready for the gym tomorrow. I was watching Niomi Smart's video on her morning fitness routine and she said that putting out her gear for the next day is the best thing to make sure you actually exercise that morning. And I completely agree! Preparation is key. 

I'm finishing off the day with a cup of green tea and some reading. A friend lent me a book on understanding body language, and I'm really interested to read about it. Being introverted, I'm naturally an observant person, so understanding more about communicating in ways other than speech is quite fascinating.

Apart from my little fail at boxing, it was a good day!

Steph x.


  1. Cardio is why I haven't picked up boxing yet. It's what I dislike most and I'm terrible. I basically lasted 5 minutes running on the treadmill just a few months back, and that's why I decided I should get in better shape first, work on my endurance and all, then pick it up. I would've felt so discouraged otherwise! But I love reading other women's advance in it, it's very encouraging for when I finally pick it up!

    Love your Forever 21 tank top!

  2. The cardio is hard, but there's no better way to practice than jumping in! I don't last long on the treadmill either, but I find boxing really achievable. You're gonna love it!
    Steph x.