Daily Blog: Making Granola, Gym Goals, & Drawing Again!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Happy Friday Everyone! 

I decided on having pancakes this morning, although my batter was a little too thin so they were harder to handle than usual. Still tasted amazing! 

And Buddy has smelt the pancakes lol I can't finish them all, so he might have to help me. 

Got 1D playing on Spotify to help me start Friday on a happy note. Been listening to them a lot lately when there's nothing else I feel like playing. No shame whatsoever.

Just making some paleo granola for my Mum this morning. It's her absolute favorite thing to put with fruit and yogurt for breakfast. The only problem is that she tends to snack on it during the day so we go through so much of it! It is delicious though (thanks Lola Berry for the recipe.)

Just mix everything together in a bowl and bake at 180*C for 10-15 minutes!

It is such a beautiful and sunny day today. It's warmer than it has been in a few weeks and I am loving it.

Loving this outfit today! My pink crop top adds such a nice bit of color to my usual all-black attire.

Trying out my new chest/back program from my trainer today. There's a lot of strength training involved which is really good for reaching my goal of getting stronger.
One of the trainers was even learning to do some muscle ups and it looked so cool! I told her so and she said that I had to try it. It's definitely my turn to master it next! It's exactly what I need for superhero training #FITGIRLGOALS

Just meeting Mum for a run so we can enjoy this beautiful day. We're working on building a better pace at the moment and doing really well with it. I'm really proud of my Mum for pushing herself out of her comfort zone and being more confident with her running. The heat was getting to me a little bit today, but it was still great to be out.

Home for the all important protein shake! Still adding some cacao powder for extra antioxidants and that amazing chocolate taste, just without the guilt.

I'm just doing my makeup and I thought I would show you a couple products I've been loving. The first is Benefit's Hello Gorgeous foundation, which is a really great shade for my skin at the moment. And also this Barry M lipstick that looks green but it goes on a beautiful pink! I saw it on a Carrie Hope Fletcher YouTube video once then found it on ASOS. It's the coolest ever!

Went for a very casual outfit today of jeans and a jersey crop top. Still rocking my gym hair too!
I've been wearing my Anna Saccone necklace almost everyday since I got it in January and I still think it's the perfect accessory. Love it so much.

Last meal prep lunch of the week! I put some extra sweet chili sauce on it for a bit more heat.

I'm gonna have a bit of chill time this afternoon before work and get started on some drawings I've been wanting to do. Trying to find a better balance between work and relaxing me-time at the moment.

Dinner tonight was amazing! It was grilled squid in a curry sauce and cauliflower rice on the side. So good! I've really been getting back into watching Supernatural as well. I only watched up to season 10, so I need to have a few binge sessions to catch up.

I should probably have socialized tonight, but all I really wanted to do was finish off this drawing. I think it turned out pretty good! It's always satisfying when the draft is done and I can go over it in pens. I really need to spend more time drawing, I think.

Hurray it's the weekend! What do you guys have planned?

Steph x.


  1. I'm really enjoying these daily blogs, especially the food part cause for some reason I find it so interesting to see what other people eat haha :) Everything you show on here always looks extremely delicious! My weekend is finally going to be a bit of a chilled one since I don't have that much schoolwork to do for next week so I'll most likely just read, work on my blog & watch a movie with my family. And make some yummy food of course. Hope you'll have a good one x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. Thanks so much! I'm never sure if people still want me to post them, but I'm so glad you do! I'm really curious about what people eat too haha
      Your weekend sounds super lovely! I love chilling with a book. Have a lovely weekend!
      Steph x.