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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Thursday June 2nd, 2016

Good Morning! 
It is super-frosty here today. Winter only started yesterday and we have freezing weather already. At least the frost means that the sun will be shining all day. And we are closer to ski season! So excited for that. I can already see snow on the mountains!

It's healthy protein pancakes for breakfast this morning. I accidentally set the element really high, so the first few were a little crispier than the others, but that's how I like 'em anyway! 

My dog Bud is obsessed with these pancakes. I think it's because I use coconut oil to cook them. He will always wake up from sleeping when I bring them into my room in the morning to eat at my desk, and then wait for me to give him some. At least they're good for him.

I have a slightly earlier training session booked for this morning, so I have to rush around a bit more to get ready on time. Here's my gym OOTD: Lululemon crop top, Forever 21 white tank, and my trusty Puma leggings. Love this outfit so much! 

I also put my hair in plaits before bed last night, so I have some fun curls this morning!


Thursday always means boxing for me, which is my way to add some fun to my usual routine. I love it so much! My trainer wasn't too cruel today, but he threw in some new challenges. 

We did lunges, where I paused half-way and did some punches. Then some hip thrusts with the swiss ball and leg extentsions to make it burn even more. And just to make it even more delightful, we did 50 punch & crunches. I was dripping in sweat by the end! Very nearly hit my wall again, but I powered through. 

I stayed for another hour after that and my trainer helped me with my bar squats. He checked my form, which was perfect except for my knees coming in too much. He suggested staying at a lighter weight and getting my knees to travel better. Something to work on that will help me when I try bigger weights. Your form means everything, so it has to be right.

My latest challenge is to work on my pull ups and do ten in a row. I have to do 30 per session, in as few sets as possible as well. Apparently when I can do muscle-ups, I will be a total gym boss since there's very few other people who can do it. I'm not one to shy away from a challenge or looking cool, so it should be good! 

I also beat my bar hip-thrust personal best from the other day! I added another 5kgs (so it's 90kgs now) and managed to get 6 reps in. So happy! It will be an epic day when I have 100kgs on there.

I always know I've had a good workout when I collapse in exhaustion on my last rep. Really satisfying knowing I've done my best. My legs and butt are killing me now! The photo is a bit fuzzy, but my stomach is finally getting flatter : ) Hard work pays off!

Time to go off and have some lunch, then do the week's food shopping. I went for the avocado, pesto, cream cheese and tomato bagel. Not the healthiest option, but there was nothing else I felt like. It was actually really good because they packed so much avocado in it. Yum! 

Anyone else LOVE food shopping? Our trolley is always so full of fruit and vegetables, which I love. The pic & mix section is a personal favorite of mine; so many glorious snack options. 

Here's a little food haul for you of some of my must-haves for the week, and a few new items I'm trying out:

Dark chocolate is the best way to battle sugar cravings for me. And it's full of antioxidants, so it's good for your health too!

My vegetarian must-haves! Quorn tastes amazing, especially on pizza. And you all know tofu is my protein of choice for my meal prep, so good once I get some flavors going.

I decided to try this brand of organic milk instead of my usual one. It was a little more expensive, but it's free of some bad stuff so it might be worth it. Plus, I love supporting good kiwi businesses like this.

My absolute breakfast essential. I'm not a fan of drinking almond milk with coffee or anything (unless it's frothed) but it's amazing for making porridge.

Time to change up my skincare routine! Lately I've found my complexion to be quite oily, which isn't normal. But most of the products I use have some kind of nutrient oil in it. I have a brand that uses chia seed oil in everything and I love it! But it's obviously upsetting my skin at the moment. So, I'm gonna switch up my night cleanser with this new one from Garnier. I will let you know if it helps!

It's now 3pm, so I have half an hour free to get some blog work done before I set off for my other job. Just made a quick snack of Greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder, banana, and an apple that I chopped and cooked in the microwave for three minutes with some cinnamon. Not as nice as the stewed apples I made the other day, but it hit the spot.

Home again for some dinner. It's now 8.30pm and I am absolutely starving! It's a very rushed meal tonight, but Thursday's are hard because I'm always busy. I'm just having some left-over spelt pasta with avocado, olives and Parmesan cheese on top. As well as some rocket (never forget your greens!) and one of my buckwheat flat breads with some hummus.

Having a bit of a Chuck marathon while I edit photos and get blog stuff done. I'm currently on season 3, which is my favorite because Chuck and Sarah FINALLY get together. It's all so cute!

I know I had a big dinner, but I still felt like something light. I made a small dessert of yogurt, raspberries, golden kiwifruit and some chia seeds. Perfect way to top off a busy day! I stayed up a little too late again, so I really need to focus on getting to bed earlier tomorrow night.

Thanks for following me on another day! Sorry for the food overload, it's just the best part of my routine.
Your positive feedback this past week has been absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for leaving me such lovely comments! It keeps me working hard.

See you tomorrow x.

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