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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Happy Monday!

Not gonna lie, it was a bit of a struggle to get out of bed this morning, but now that I have food everything is OK again. I've also started drinking a glass of water in the morning too, since my hydration habits have been terrible lately.

I've just spent some time organizing yesterday's daily blog and catching up on Twitter. It makes me so sad to hear about Anton Yelchin. I've admired him for years and was one of my favorite actors. Taken way too soon xox

Time to hit the gym! If my face looks really serious, it's because I've been listening to my gym playlist all morning to get me in the right mood. Kayne West and Little Mix always make me feel sassy.

Can't go to the gym without making a protein smoothie!

Last week my trainer got me to try a thermogenic tablet and it worked great! It makes you sweat more and gives you more energy. I went out and found this one, and despite the cheesy cover photo, it's been great when I take one before a run or the gym. They're totally not necessary to use, but just something I'm trialing.

My workout started great with a five minute incline run on the treadmill and then on to squats. I upped my weight to 55kgs and felt quite strong with it. Super happy with how they're progressing at the moment. It's the best feeling when something feels light, but you used to think it felt heavy.

I went onto my next set which was hip thrusts, leg pull-backs and swiss ball work. I only managed two rounds because my lower back was getting quite painful. It's an area that I have to watch, so I didn't want to push it too far. I also managed to drop the bar I was using (with 40kgs still on it) which slipped off the rack and grazed my legs. Just praying no one saw it!

Then I went onto a circuit to try and test my cardio endurance. It was three rounds of:
Box pushes with 30kgs x 1 lap
Jump squats x 20
Ab crunches x 20

This got me good! I tried to remember what my trainer said about not thinking how out of breath you are, and just keep going. Definitely a challenge to work on!

Afterwards I did some stretching on the wall where one leg is flat against it and the other knee is bent. Burns like crazy, but it's the best thing after a leg session. I went on to do some ab work and another ten minutes of cardio on the cross trainer then I was so done!

For once the gym just didn't do it for me today. After a while it was getting quite busy and the creepy old guy that stares at me while I work out was back, so I decided to cut it short today. I'll try again tomorrow!

Home again to these two monkeys. Bud was waiting for me at the gate, which was really cute.

Got my coffee, now it's time to organize my blog for the week! I always write what posts I want to go up in the next two weeks on my board that sits behind my desk. It's perfect for visually reminding me of what I have to get done.

Time to break for some lunch. Very excited about digging into this week's meal prep. I think I've finally found the right balance of protein and carbs to keep me fueled.

Time to edit some blog photos! Afterlight is my favorite app to use.

I felt like snacking on something while I get some blog work done as well, so I grabbed a handful of the vitality mix I bought the other day. Lots of fruit and nuts to keep me going!

Before I head off to work I'm gonna get some reading done and have an afternoon snack. I heated up one of my healthy date scones that I made on Sunday and spread a little bit of coconut oil on top (a healthy butter replacement!)

Home from work and I can finally dig into my dinner. We're just having some leftover vege-loaf with some stir-fry leaks and salad. Essentially a big plate of vegetables, but that's how I like it!

Since I always have some kind of small dessert, I heated up one of the apple pots we had leftover from last night. Still delicious!

I'm trying to get back into drinking green tea again, so I'm finishing off the night with one of my favorites. I just have a habit of leaving the bag in for about twenty minutes then wind up with a really strong brew.

Jess and I are playing our daily game of "Find the biscuits Bud left behind after dinner." She loves it! Nothing keeps her going in old age like food.

Just packing for the gym tomorrow. I am still so glad I've made this into a habit now. It stops me from being late everyday. Here's hoping my arms feel up to some upper body work tomorrow, I'm getting really bored with cardio. I miss lifting so bad!

Not the best start to the week, but it can only get better : )
Steph x.

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