Daily Blog: Gym Challenges & Reading Comics!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Good Morning! 
I'm a bit behind my usual routine today, because my brother was up earlier than usual making his breakfast at the same time as I usually make mine. I have a 9.30am training session booked at the gym so I need to make my porridge ASAP!

Let's see what challenge my trainer has in store for me today!

All right, my challenge was some good combos, then on to kettle bell swings (ugh) reverse lunges, and box sprints. It got me good! I was really close to hitting a wall again, but my trainer gave me a really great pep talk about just pushing through and how my body is capable of more than I think. He's so right too (as always) because I got through it fine. 
Afterwards I did some leg work for an hour. I was so proud of my squats today! My form was where I wanted it be and I went deeper with more weight too. Just goes to prove that with a bit of practice, you can master anything. 

I did some 90kg hip thrust again too and felt great. I made myself do more box sprints, but added 30kg on top to make it more of a challenge. It makes for a great burst of cardio. 

Speaking of, I did another 10 minute burst on the cross trainer to finish off for the day. So exhausted now but it's all worth it. 

By the way, I have found my new favorite gym song! It's from the Creed soundtrack and has the Rocky theme tune playing underneath, called Last Breath by Future. It's so great when you need a song to keep you fighting through your reps. Love how epic it sounds! 

Guys check out how awesome this is!! My trainer lent me his Aquaman comics he bought at a convention recently and I'm super excited to dig into them. The art work looks amazing, so I may have to attempt some drawings at some point this weekend.

Really loving my outfit today. My blue top is from Forever 21 and I feel like the color suites my skin tone well. My skirt is from French Connection and makes me feel like a million bucks when I wear it. You can't really tell in the picture, but it makes my waist look so nice. 

Off to do more food shopping today, but we need to refuel with some food first. I went for the salmon bagel, which was really good. I should have gone for a healthier option, but I figured I could use the extra carbs. 

Eyeing up some future workout gear options. 

All stocked up on some healthy staples! 

Having an afternoon snack of carrot sticks, pear slices, and a boiled egg with some pepper on top. I need to quickly edit and upload yesterday's daily blog while I eat it.

Home from work and I'm so ready to dig into my dinner! It's a bit of a mix batch again, but still delicious. I made a bit of a salad with some leftover roast vegetables, baby spinach, salmon, boiled egg, and some olives over top. Since I've been out all day, I'm gonna catch up on some YouTube videos and see what's been uploaded today. Really excited to see the new Blossom Twins vlog!

I made myself a cheeky dessert after I got inspired from watching Anna Saccone's What I Ate Wednesday video. It's just Greek yogurt with some vanilla protein powder mixed in, half a banana, and one of my gingernut biscuits crumbled up. Yum! This may be my new favorite treat. 

 Doing some late night reading of these comics. I am seriously enjoying reading about new characters, and even stepping away from Marvel for a little bit. I don't know why Aquaman gets such a bad rep; he's actually a total bad-ass in his own right. I wouldn't wanna go up against him. 
 Great way to end the day! 

Sorry it was a bit short and sweet today. I promise to get better at documenting stuff : )
 Steph x. 


  1. I really love catching up with your Daily Blog posts when I can - they really inspire me to put more into my workout and try new healthier food options! I've never heard of Chia Seed Natural Peanut Butter, but I'm intrigued! Also, I am currently not part of a gym nor work with a personal trainer, but it's definitely something I am considering. I play Roller Derby, have recently started running, but want to do more! Is it something you would really recommend? Your trainer sounds awesome :-)

    1. Aw that makes me so happy that you enjoy these!! And that you find inspiration in them, which is so amazing for me to hear :) OMG Roller Derby is so cool! That's awesome. I really love the gym (although it did take a while to grow on me) so I would really recommend it if you want some new challenges and trainers are so brilliant. I got ridiculously lucky with finding mine and he's really helped ignite my love of fitness. I know it's not for everyone, but you should definitely give it a go. Boxing is great fun too! You could talk to a trainer about that. Love it so much :D Keep up the awesome work!!
      Steph x.

    2. I'm glad! I don't follow anyone else who writes posts like this so find them super refreshing! :-) Awesome, thank you so much for your advice!! I'm currently prepping for my first 5K run, so I think the best thing to do is sign up for a trial period and see how it goes! Thank you Steph, you too! x