Daily Blog: Chocolate Protein Shake & Packing for the Gym!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Such a beautiful sunrise to start the day!

Back to my favorite porridge this morning. This guy is snoozing now, but he did wake me up just before my alarm today. Thanks for that Bud!

Gym OOTD: Nike tank, grey crop top from Cotton On Body, and some plain black shorts. 

Got my pre-workout, let's do this! 

It's chest/back day today and I'm still getting used to my new program.
I did a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill. I like to listen to My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light It Up) by Fall Out Boy, when I run because the beat is the perfect pace setter. I usually kick up my speed by 0.5 each time time the chorus comes on to really push myself.

 Then I moved on to bench presses with 7kg dumbbells. I adjust the bench after each set, so that my body is pushed from it (raised back, flat, laying back.) I started on my x30 pull ups that I do throughout my workout between sets too. 

Next was bent over rows with 12.5 kg dumbbells. I do a drop set at the end where I do as many as I can with 12.5, 10 and 8kg.

I didn't quite make it through my set today, because my bad shoulder was getting quite painful and tight. I didn't want to make it worse, so I asked one of the trainers to help me stretch it out. It definitely felt better afterwards. She has similar problems and showed me some good ways to massage my shoulders, which will really help me later. 

She was also kind enough to say that I'm the most reliable gym client at the moment. Guaranteed to come in every single day. I thought that was really cool! It's nice when hard work gets recognized : ) 

Time for a run with Mum! Just gotta switch shoes and get some fresh socks. 

Had a really great run today. Super happy with the pace we have been keeping lately. The weather was beautiful too!

Protein time! I'm making a chocolate one again today because it just tastes so good, yet it's still healthy! Just vanilla protein powder, milk, cacao powder, frozen banana, and peanut butter.

Before I hop into the shower, I'm just rolling out my shoulders a little more with this genius invention. It's like someone digging their knuckles into your sore spots. Perfect after a double workout.

Time for lunch and I'm just having my meal prep. I also having some of the kale chips that I made on Sunday and they're so good. Really glad I decided to have them. 

You know what time it is : )

Afternoon snack situation: grain toast, hummus, pickles, and a lemon protein ball. I've just been editing posts all day. I still feel a bit behind on some of them, but I'm planning on having a big catch-up session on Sunday.

Having some leftover cauliflower pizza for dinner tonight. I always make four, so that we don't have to cook dinner for the next night. Also had a makeshift salad on the side with quinoa and grilled haloumi. It was so delicious!

Currently packing my bag for the gym tomorrow. I'm going to be showering/getting ready there, so here are my essentials:

bag for dirty clothes
dry hair shampoo
body scrub
face cleanser

Also some gym essentials: headphones, training gloves, and a notebook to record reps if I want to. 

And of course a cool outfit to walk out feeling normal in! I'm going for a skater skirt, denim top and knee high boots. This is one of my favorites to wear. The winter weather has actually been okay, so I'm gonna take advantage of being able to wear a skirt when I can!

What are some of your gym bag essentials?
Steph x.


  1. I find these posts really interesting and great to read :)


    1. Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoy them : )
      Steph x.