Daily Blog: Saturday Brunch & Getting Ready For The Marathon!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

So happy that it's finally Saturday!
It's breakfast in bed with the Sacconejolys to start my weekend the right way. It was so cute watching their whisper challenge! 

Time for our Saturday morning hill run! It's a little cold again this morning, but the sun is shining and that's perfect conditions for me. 

This run through the trees is so peaceful and it really recharges us after a long week. Being around nature really does make you happy : )

This is why I love my city: you can look at the ocean and snow-capped mountains at the same time.

Post-run brunch at our favorite cafe! I seriously look forward to this all week. Our barista won the New Zealand championship last year, and no one can make a flat white like he can. I also got a protein smoothie that was one of the best I have ever tried. Day made!

For food, I went for the Avo Smash with the vegetable hash brown. It was amazing as always.

These guys are the absolute best. They gave us a smoothie on the house! And it's the best iced coffee I have ever had. Best. Cafe. Ever. Great customer service and amazing food has kept us coming back for two years now. I could travel to different cafes around the world, but this would still be my favorite.

  Mum and I are off to go pick up our half-marathon numbers for tomorrow! I'm wearing my favorite pair of high-tops and one of the only pairs of skinny jeans that still fit my calves #fitnessproblems

Stopped for a coffee in another of our favorite cafes in New Regent Street. Still not as great at Pure Cafe co., but a good coffee nonetheless.

We also needed to pick up some marathon snacks. We got some energy chews that came in handy last year, plus some protein bars for afterwards. We didn't have many flavors to choose from, because everyone else had the same idea and they were almost sold out!
I spotted some Under Armor training gloves that I will be purchasing soon. Totally fell in love, but I will stick to my spending ban through June and get them as a reward.

Just having a snack of seeded toast, peanut butter and banana on top. Such a classic combo! I'm also drinking this Chia seed drink because it's amazing for hydration when you're about to do a long run. It took me a while to get used to the texture, but now I really love it. Off to work for a short shift now.

Saturday night is always a takeaway for dinner, and a sanity meal for being good with my workouts and food all week. But we had to be good for tomorrow, so I got a falafel salad with brown rice from our local Moroccan grill. It's seriously filling and so delicious! I ate it while finishing off season 3 of Chuck. Another chilled night-in, but those are my favorite.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far!
Steph x.

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