Daily Blog: Detox Smoothie & New Favorite Snack!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Good Morning!

Sorry it's been a while since my last daily blog, I've just been needing to get back to my normal posts lately. I will still be doing a couple per week and keeping you updated on what I'm up to. I added some grated apple to my porridge this morning for an extra bit of texture and it was really nice! Will definitely do it more often. 

I've got another session with my trainer today. Not sure if he will let me do boxing with my shoulders still healing, but we will see. Got my thermogenic and pre-workout drink going! Just not both at the same time, too much caffeine for my little heart.

I was totally right, he didn't want to let me box until next week ( damnit!) so I asked him to take me through a new leg day program. My last one was from April! I think I just got comfortable making new circuits up and working on my squats. I enjoyed some of the stuff he showed me today, although I refused to do the jumps that he wanted because it just brings up bad memories from high school (we all know how that goes, right?) That kind put me in a weird mood, but I used that fierceness as energy to get me through a couple of circuits. Here's what I did:

Hip Thrusts 85kg max reps
Weighted Lunges 7kg 
Ab work

 Box step-ups x15 per leg
Reverse Lunges 5kg x16
Leg Pull-Backs 27kg x10
Crunches x 15

I made sure to stretch out properly and I also got the roller out to get my muscles to relax again. 
I treated myself to a protein smoothie from the cafe, which had extra nut butter in it so it was extra-delicious! 

We're at the mall for lunch today and I went for the vegan sandwich and an almond milk flat-white. Pretty basic, but there was some avocado in my sandwich so I was a happy girl.

Food shopping done for another week and I'm mostly excited about my snack options. I had a craving for corn cakes, so I bought these wholegrain ones for an afternoon pick-me-up. So many delicious topping ideas!
I also got my little sanity snack of mini salted caramel protein bars. These are incredible! I find sometimes after work, or even on my break, I can get super-hungry. To avoid me pigging out when I get home, I keep some of these mini bars in my bag ready for me to devour if I need to. Girls gotta eat!

I also picked up some fake tan, so that I can get rid of some of my horrible tan marks before a photo-shoot I'm going to for my blog next week. Because I run outside all the time, I have a really strange tan from what tank top I was wearing and only half of my legs. It's definitely time to even it out.

I decided that I wanted to start drinking detox smoothies more often, so I made one with apple, pear, cucumber, lemon, kale, spinach, ginger and topped with coconut water. Really good! I'm having half now and the other half tomorrow. 

R.I.P to my first ever gym bag. The last handle broke today when I went to pick it up and take it into the changing rooms. Kinda sad because it's such a good bag, but it had been hanging on for a while. Luckily I have a Peter Alexander one to swap it for!

Healthy afternoon snack! I'm just having some rice crackers with hummus, tuna, and avocado on top. Lots of protein and good fats to keep me going. Tastes amazing too!
I'm also catching up on the latest Mr Ben Brown vlog, because I can't miss a day. He's in New York at the moment which is pretty cool. Miss that place :(

Home from work and it's time for dinner. I did eat one of those salted caramel bars, but I'm still hungry. I just having one of my meal prep boxes with satay tofu, sweet-potato, brown rice/quinoa, and vegetables. I also heated up the last of my flat-breads that I made on Sunday with some hummus on top. So yummy!

 Still drinking lots of water! Because I've been upping my cardio, it's more important than ever for me to have good hydration habits.

What do I always watch when I don't feel like anything else? Chuck! I think this will always be my favorite TV series. Cheers me up every single time I've had a rough day.

Finishing off my night with a little healthy dessert. We had some leftover stewed tamarillos that I put with mango & turmeric coconut yogurt, chia seeds and some walnuts. You can't tell me that healthy foods aren't delicious, because this was so good!

Can't believe how close we are to the weekend! It's got quite cold here recently, but that just means I'm gonna have to spend more time in the kitchen cooking and baking this weekend :)

What's your favorite TV series that cheers you up?
Steph x.


  1. Ooh those Protein bars sound good Steph, I'm always looking for new ones to try! :) I hope you're shoulder is starting to feel lots better! I need to start watching some Chuck, I think I'm in need of my fifth Chuck marathon! :p So excited to see what photo shoot you have in store for us, hope you loads of fun doing it! :) Love these posts! xx

    Lucy x |~ SweetIsAlwaysInStyle || Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. Oh my gosh, I need to send you some! I love them. Thanks so much! It feels back to normal now thank goodness, I think I just needed someone to get there elbow in there. I'm so excited to do it! Hopefully the photos come out great :)
      Steph x.