Daily Blog: Tumeric Smoothie & Independance Day 2!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Happy Saturday! 

Nothing better than breakfast in bed with the Sacconejolys to start the weekend! After having a bit of a catch up on Twitter, I got stuck into a bit of blog work. 

Time to head out for a run and I decided to strap my shoulder for a bit of support. Kinesio tape is amazing because you still have full movement, but it just keeps your muscles supported. My Mum uses it to strap her knee before every run, so I just used some of her tape. 

The view over the city was pretty cloudy today. So great being out in the fresh air.
My shoulder held up well, still trying to figure out how to best move my arm when I run at the moment. 

There is not another single cafe in my city that can make me a flat white like the guys at Pure Cafe co. can. They have set my coffee standards high! 

For brunch, I went for my usual avo smash with the vegetable hash brown. I also ate some of my Mum's oat cakes for her since she couldn't finish them. I could seriously live off the food from this place. 

Surprise, surprise, we also got some treats to go. The first was a DF/GF orange cake that was so delicious that I couldn't resist eating it before taking a picture. Just trust me when I say it was divine! 
I also got a turmeric lassi smoothie that is a work of genius. I don't know how they manage to get the right balance of spice and lemon in there, but it's perfect. Turmeric is awesome for sore muscles, it just tastes terrible if there's too much of it.

I've gone back to using this Rimmel foundation and I forgot how much I love the finish of it. The coverage is so good and I even use a little bit under my eyes as concealer. 

My hair is not working with me today, but it will have to do!

We came to the mall to buy movie tickets and have a quick coffee. It seems everyone was here today! I walked passed my trainer who was having lunch and my barista was there too. 

Time to head off to work and I'm going to quickly have one of these nutty protein bars as a snack. I'm not usually a granola bar fan, but these are low in sugar so I don't mind them.

Saturday night sanity meal! It's just tradition in our house to have fish and chips at the weekend, and I think I've earned it after all the cardio I forced myself to do this week. 

Also having another dessert of stewed tamarillos and coconut yogurt. Yum!

After work we went off to watch Independence Day: Resurgence. I honestly couldn't remember much of the first one (I was five when it came out.) But I still really enjoyed this sequel! It was funny and the action scenes were really cool. They didn't go overboard with the CGI, which I was grateful for. The story seemed to flow on well from the original too. It was just really enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it if you liked the first one, or you just want a good action movie.

That was such a great Saturday! I had barely any time to do some blog work, but it was still full of some unexpected moments.

Have you guys seen any good movies lately?
Steph x.


  1. These daily blogs really make me want to do some 'what I did today' posts during my summer break so I think I'll do that :) Thank you for the inspiration! x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. You so should! I would love to read those : )
      Steph x.