My December Guilty Pleasures: Foodie Edition

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Can we all just agree now that December is the best time of year for food? 
And I know there's lots of treats and temptations around, but hey! It's only once a year that you can spoil yourself all month long. Might as well enjoy everything Christmas has to offer! 

I'm always curious to see what treats are popular overseas in the festive season. The UK seems to get some amazing ones by the way! Us sitting down here at the bottom of the world are very jealous. Since I love talking about food so much, I thought why not dedicate a blog to all my guilty pleasures I just have to have at Christmas. I am someone who normally tries to eat carefully, but I like to let my hair down a little in December and not feel guilty for eating something special (and a little bad for you.)

Mince Pies 
Fun fact: I couldn't stand these when I was younger, but ever since my Mum started making her own I love them! The crispy pastry, tarty filling, and maybe some whipped cream on top just to make it perfect. I started buying these in the middle of November and probably go through a pack a week now. In my defense Steve eats them too so I share with him. 

Malteaser Reindeer Chocolate 
Seriously though, why don't they make this by the block now? The supermarkets always sell these as you walk up to pay and they're always on sale for less than a dollar each. I can't leave without one! 

Advent Calendars 
I'm not even talking about the fancy kind either. I'm just looking at the the $3 ones that we all used to have as kids. There's something about the chocolate that always tastes so good, and just like the way it did when I was young. Eating chocolate before breakfast is one of the best things about December by far! It's an exciting part of the daily build up to Christmas.

Terry's Chocolate Orange
These have been on Kiwi shelves for years but I never really paid it much attention. Then I watched a YouTube video where Zoella and Louise were exchanging gifts and they raved about this simple treat. Being the easily-influenced girl I was at 23, I went out and searched for one immediately. Little did I know that it would start an unhealthy obsession, but I regret nothing at all! Oh wow are these amazing.

Cheese Boards
Stepping away from the chocolate section for a minute, just to talk about the post-Christmas dinner binge fest I have with the cheese board. I'm usually the only one who ends up eating from it, but that just means more for me! Any kind of cheese: Swiss, smoked, brie, feta, Camembert. But just not any of that smelly blue stuff.

Cadbury Popping Elves
These have been available for a few years now and we always insist on having them all through December. It's Cadbury chocolate made better with popping candy! How cool is that? They're just fun to eat and you could maybe say that they're a little magical.

Ahh, the Kiwi favorite and the dessert it wouldn't be Christmas without. If you've never had it before just imagine eating a meringue that has a super-fluffy and sweet centre. Topped with fresh (and only fresh) whipped cream and your favorite summer fruit. Ask a New Zealander to make it for you and you won't be sorry.

What are your guilty pleasures you eat all month long?
(Don't be shy, we all do it!)

Steph x.

ps. Happy Blogmas Day 2! 


  1. Fun post Steph, I can tell you’re a chocoholic like me. Although actually a cheese board does sound very tempting too! We don’t tend to buy too many mince pies, but I’ve enjoyed making them in the past, as they are so delicious warm out the oven. :-) Xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you Helen! I'm not normally so crazy for chocolate, but how can you resist this time of year? Oh I probably should make my own mince pies! As you say, fresh ones from the oven sound heavenly :P
      Steph x.

  2. Mmmm Terry's Chocolate oranges! :) Steph, you must try Mince pies with Brandy cream or Brandy sauce, that's how we eat them, they are not the same on their own. I now have my husband hooked on Brandy cream and he now asks about it every year! We also have a lot of Italian treats this time of year like Pandoro cakes and Baci, we love the mix of all things British and Italian! :) I've never had the cadbury's popping elves and might have to try them! Lucy xx