365 Days Of Happy: November

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Wow guys, I can't believe it's December!
This year has simultaneously gone fast and slow for me, but so far it's been the best year yet! This was a month of trying new things and learning to juggle uncomfortable situations. Nothing major, but I'm just learning that there's a lesson in everything. 

I'm also happy that it's the official start of Blogmas! I know it's going to be a crazy month, but since I was in such a bloggers-burnout for most of the year, this is my time for a content catch-up. I've had lots of ideas for posts and I just couldn't start the month without wrapping up all the good things that happened in November: 

1. Bought my first Christmas decorations for the house.

2. I managed to get my double-unders to sync up today! Been working on them for ages.

3. Hit another PR this morning of a 50kg clean and jerk lift. Then we had the one year anniversary workout/celebration BBQ and I got an award!

4. Had my first acai bowl of the summer and took Steve to see Thor 3, which is fricking awesome!

5. Nice family walk with Bond around the park in the sunshine.

6. Felt good getting some blogging done this morning. And Steve was being a super-boyfriend doing things around the house for me.

7. It's always a good day when the BF does the dishes for you.

8. Smashed the workout this morning! I was the first one finished and my running felt great.

9. Lunch with Mum then I checked out my fav charity shops. Got some awesome stuff (check out my haul here!)

10. Got to start work a little later which meant I got to chill at home with Steve and Ollie <3

11. Great run with Mum. Got a flat tire but luckily people came to our rescue.

12. Fun CrossFit class this morning, followed by a family walk around the park. I also finally got some tomato plants for my garden!

13. Figured out how to make the best (yet healthy) iced coffee in my nutri-bullet!

14. The weather has been super lovely and getting hot, just how I like it.

15. Blogmas planning and Steve bought me the Star Wars Battlefront game!

16. I hit 700 blog followers today! (THANK YOU GUYS!)

17. Road trip to Queenstown with the family. Steve won his 6 Week Challenge with the most weight-loss!

18. The Queenstown marathon was the most beautiful run ever. We got to spend the day exploring the town and finding new cafes to try.

19. We were tourists in Arrowtown for the morning and tried the Cookie Time Bar!

20. Had Christmas mince pies for the first time of the festive season!

21. Bested my 500m row time this morning! I hate rowing so this is the only reason it was worth it lol

22. PR on my bench press! Been chasing 45kg all bloody year.

23. My barista put a snowflake on my flat white, so cute! I worked hard and got the house tidy and smelling fresh before the in-laws arrive.

24. Had a fun time at Steve's work dinner. It was just nice to get dressed up to be honest.

25. Mum bought me new CrossFit shoes for my birthday and we had a lovely dinner with Steve's parents.

26. Completed the Summer Starter 10km Fun Run! Lots of color, dogs, and we came across at a great time. Then we all went out for pizza and we hosted our first barbecue at our new house!

27. Having barbecue leftovers for lunch is one of my favorite meals ever!

28. Got to do toes-to-ring at crossfit today and felt like a total gymnast.

29. Getting blogmas sorted (kinda...) and I'm excited to start!

30. After work Steve took me out to get our first Christmas tree together! He even let me pick the decorations and we got stockings to hang (one for Ollie the cat too.)

I hope you had a lovely November. Who else is so ready for December?!
Steph x. 

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  1. (Those small pies look so lovely!!) I really loved reading through this, I don't know why but it left me feeling really inspired and positive haha! So great that you've done so many great accomplishments in terms of health and fitness too.
    This got me to consider doing a 365 Days of Happy next year. :) We'll see!
    Have a great December!! x

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aw thank you so much, that really makes me happy :) This series has really helped me see the little positives in everyday, even when it seems like there are none. I would love to read yours if you wrote one :)
      Steph x.
      Have a lovely December!

  2. Aww we love these posts Steph. Your pictures always make us smile, they are so bright and happy! You are kicking butt at crossfit and it's so inspiring! We can't wait for more blogmas from you! :) Lucy and Kelly xx


    1. Yay! I'm glad you still enjoy them :) I hope you both are having a lovely December so far!
      Steph x.