What I've Learned From Re-watching Friends In My 20s

Thursday, 2 November 2017

It has to be one of the best things to come out of the 90's and the legend of it certainly lives on to this day. Hell, I still look forward to the re-runs! I have memories of sitting down at 6.30pm waiting for a new episode to air. Of course, when you watch TV as a child you definitely miss some of the adult humor shows like this had going on. When Steve and I decided to watch every season from the beginning, I realized I was the same age as the characters on the screen. Meaning that this would be a whole new experience for me!

I can actually relate to these characters now and what their lives were like going into their late twenties. To be honest, it makes me feel a lot better about my own years. 

Accepting your friends for every weird quirk is the best kind of friendship. Like Phoebe's weird ways or when Joey takes a while to click on to a joke. They love them anyway and do their best to support any venture they go on.

It turns out I grew up to be a lot like Monica. A little bit like Rachael too, but when Monica got worked up over using her expensive wedding plates for the first time, I actually think I would react in a similar way...but hey! We both just like keeping things nice and being a good host.

They never needed alcohol to have fun with each other. If you watch a show like The Big Bang Theory (which I still love) they always have wine or at least beer around when they hang out together. And even though there's nothing wrong with having a drink with friends, I just noticed that the gang doesn't drink all that much. It shows how strong their friendships are.

No one is perfect when it comes to love and we all have our weaknesses to work on. If you think about it Joey never has a long-term relationship, neither does Phoebe until she meets Mike, Chandler will always be awkward but Monica is there to help him, and he does the same for her. And there's the hot-cold relationship that is Ross and Rachel. The whole show is about the relationships that they have and it brilliantly shows that none of us are perfect and we all have lots to learn.

You can totally see Monica and Chandler getting together from the beginning. When you watch it knowing that they will get together, there are so many moments that show how much they care about each other. Not to mention their chemistry and how much they accepted their quirks. It was so written in the stars guys.

Joey proves you can always be a kid no matter how old you get and I adore that about him. 

Apart from Ross, they were all broke at some point. So don't feel bad about being low on money or struggling with finances, because it seems to be normal for all of us in our 20's. Sometimes jobs don't work out or you switch careers like Chandler, but we will all make it out fine.

Ross falls in love REALLY fast. With every girl. 

They always supported Phoebe's music no matter how bad it was. I think she was happiest when performing and singing the songs she had come up with herself, and they all just liked seeing her that way. I always thought they were awesome friends for being her biggest fans. 

You should hi-five your spouse more often. I noticed Monica and Chandler doing this a few times in the later seasons and I freaking love it for some reason. I think it just shows what a great team they make as husband and wife. That's goals right there. 

So did you guys learn anything new from watching Friends after the 90's?
Or tell me something you adore about watching the series in the comments.

Steph x.


  1. I’m always watching friends and I often have it on in the background whilst I’m cooking or something. I think I find the show so much more relatable now that I’m the same age as the characters. And sometimes I’ll watch it after a crap day and it makes me feel like it’s not so bad. I also think there’s a friends quote for everything! They seem to have covered so many real life scenarios! X

  2. Hahah this is a very interesting idea for a post, I love that you wrote this! I watch Friends too and I'm practically as in love with it as any millennial would be.
    "No one is perfect when it comes to love and we all have our weaknesses to work on." is so perfectly well said and I couldn't agree more. Seeing their relationships evolve and go through highs and lows really resonates with how we are as people trying to connect with each other. I like all these points you delivered!
    Have a lovely weekend <3

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