My December Bucket-List 2017

Thursday, 23 November 2017

It's finally my favorite time of the year! 
December for me has always been filled with birthday celebrations (there's four of us this year) as well as the excitement of Christmas getting closer. And I can't forget about all of the vlogmas videos we will all try to keep up and (and fail like always because there's so many!) and get inspired by.

I haven't always been the type of person to go nuts for Christmas, but since I've started my blog and watched Zoella turn her house into winter wonderland, I'm ready for everything December has to offer: advent calendars (aka chocolate for breakfast) making ginger bread cookies, and a Christmas carol playlist on Spotify. 

Since Steve and I are in our first home for the holiday season and it feels like a new chapter in my life, so I wanted to make this December extra special. I wrote out this list back in October when I made the decision to do Blogmas, and it made me so excited for this month to come around. I think that if you have a list of goals ready to go, it will make you go out and do all the fun stuff you've always wanted to do.

Buy our first Christmas tree together

Try new recipes all month long

Make my own hot cinnamon rolls for breakfast

Send out Christmas cards

Celebrate our one year anniversary 

Make a crockpot hot chocolate

Buy a new party dress

Have a picnic in the summer sun

Take a picture to commemorate our first Christmas in the house

Put fairy-lights everywhere

Make a Christmas playlist

Wear something that sparkles

Have a pajama day

Buy our Christmas stockings 

Start new traditions with Steve

Make fun plans for New Years

What fun things are you planning this December?
Steph x.


  1. Yay!! This is so exciting Steph! Love your list. It's our first Christmas in our new houses, so we're all excited about decorating and getting new decorations and traditions going too! Can't wait for your blogmas! :) Hope you're well.

    Lucy and Kelly

  2. Crockpot hot chocolate??? That sounds amazing!! Just reading this list got me in the Christmas spirit!

  3. Ohhh yay, first anniversary! How exciting! Does it get very hot in NZ? I'm in Australia and on Christmas day I just feel like eating ice lumps hahaa. To be honest I haven't been feeling too festive yet, hopefully that will change next month. :)

    Sally - DiagonSally

  4. So I haven't thought of much to do this month - as I'm working pretty much every day up until Christmas day! I have about 5 days off between now and then, so I reckon I can live vicariously through you and this list! :) Tania Michele xx