Habits I Want To Stick To In 2018

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Whenever it comes to resolutions or the old "New Year, New Me" mantra, I've been known to struggle. 

I exercise regularly, try to eat as clean as I can (well, as much as possible on a budget) and I try to be a nice person to my friends, family and co-workers. And as I sat down looking at the few days left of 2017 I started to wonder who I wanted to be in the coming year. 

I like myself just fine. I mean, I'm far from perfect and I have plenty of weak moments on the daily. But in terms of new?  I'm not pressuring myself to have my sh*t together every minute of the day. I like who am. 

I don't need to be new, but I CAN be better. And to do that, I need to start small.

Put dishes straight into the dishwasher

I know I used to get this from my Mum five times a day, but now that I'm in charge of my own home I'm realizing that maybe she had a point. Even after a single day, dishes just mount up and slowly take over your kitchen. Doing a little bit at a time works wonders, because no one likes dealing with dirty dishes, right?

Arrive at work BEFORE I start, not ten minutes fashionably late

A common trait that runs in my family and one day I'm probably going to get into real trouble for it. I think we all have that thought of "I'm not leaving until the last minute possible" or "Don't worry, you have plenty of time." And then you once again have to stroll into work like you're meant to be ten minutes late. Oops. I'll do better next time. I hope.

Make a blog calendar at the start of each month

Because I LOVE working with notebooks, and I LOVE visualizing all my ideas for posts.
2018 will be the year my blog stays on track and will return to regular programming.

Drink 3 litres of water a day and keep to a schedule

Anyone else get to three in the afternoon and realize how dehydrated you feel because oh crap you've had ten cups of coffee today but absolutely no water?! Same. What I should do is keep to this.

7am: 500ml
9am: 500ml
11am: 500ml
1pm: 500ml
3pm: 500ml
6pm: 500ml
8pm: 500ml
9pm: 500ml

You get it? I know when the best times for me to drink water are, so I gotta hit that schedule.

Spend more time in my garden 

Can you believe I'm actually growing baby tomatoes and chili right now? Me! The girl who couldn't keep a single succulent alive now has a flourishing garden. Let's keep this green thumb business going, shall we?

Plan Instagram pics for the week so I can stay consistent

I am so terrible at keeping my content up during the week. My Saturday food adventures with Mum provide the best stuff, but if I don't keep my mind on ideas I forget to follow through. Going have a notebook for this one!

Put only good karma out into the universe

The most important habit to stick to a lesson I won't forget. At my family Christmas I snuck away some of my Mum's tequila and boy was she mad! That same day I saw that the breeder of Tibetan terriers we are looking at have a litter of pups coming in February. I, of course, emailed straight away and the response made me feel like I was going to miss out and all because of the bad karma I had set out the night before. I'm a believer in what goes around comes around, so that is going to be my main 2018 focus. Do the right thing, be kind, help people, and stay positive.

What habits will you be sticking to in 2018?
Steph x.


  1. YES! i tried the water thing last year and noticed a really big difference in my skin. really really good resolution to stick to, that one!

    i also love the simplicity of this: Do the right thing, be kind, help people, and stay positive. definitely adding that to my own resolutions!

    happy new year, lovely!!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

  2. I failed terribly at reminding myself to drink water. I must step up my game in 2018. And also, good luck to you!!

  3. I'm all for drinking water but I don't know if I could drink 3 litres a day! I feel like I'd just be peeing all the damn time!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  4. I really need to do that water thing too. I'm usually good at drinking my water bottle at work but it's still not enough. I laughed at your dishwasher one, as mother always knows best! :p There are so many things i do now because of my Mum! :) Lovely list Steph! Lucy xx


  5. Ooh if you set your watch and phone two minutes or so ahead, it helps keep you on time because you'll be guaranteed to be on time or early! :D
    Putting good karma into the world is a super nice habit as well, it's something I definitely want to put more effort into being a better person and always doing the right thing :) Happy new year!

  6. I need to drink more water too - I'm notoriously bad with this one! I'd like to get outside more too, as I've hardly seen any sunshine since September - the downfalls of working long shifts inside and away from windows! Tania Michele xx