A Gift Guide For The Man In Your Life

Monday, 4 December 2017

I'm not normally one to dive into gift guides, but if there's one place under the tree that I struggle to buy for, it's the fella in my life. I mean, most girls are happy with: jewelry, books, candles, fluffy sweaters, or a Disney mug. But boys? They can be tough to buy for this time of year.

I tried to find items that would be a safe bet and that most guys would enjoy opening on Christmas morning(I hope.) They're also pretty budget-friendly, so I'm not gonna expect anyone to go out and buy the new iPhone or a game console. But if you have the resources, go for it! You gotta roll with what your man enjoys doing in his spare time or something fun for the both of you.

If in doubt, get them something silly to make them laugh. Here's a few ideas to get the ball rolling for you:

Video Games: I'm yet to meet a guy that doesn't enjoy setting down for a solid six hours to play a game, so these are always a good choice. And a bonus if you enjoy it too! 

Punderdome Card Game: Because we all get a kick out of bad jokes. Kinda seems like a less-dirty version of Cards Against Humanity, so you can play it with the family without it getting awkward.

A new pair of headphones: I don't know anyone who doesn't currently need a new pair, right? Do some research on this one and make sure you get the right one. 

A whisky bottle: This awesome John Lewis one looks so cool, so both of you will be happy displaying it in the house!

A new shaving kit: Because guys like feeling fresh and looking good too. And if you get him a new razor you could always borrow it to make sure it works properly...

Pick out a cologne you really love. Any time he puts it on you'll love it, and date night will be even spicier. 

How cool is this? I do like it when my man keeps me safe and this would be a great read!

Silly socks: You can never have enough socks! Especially epic ones like these. I personally love it when guys wear silly socks under their suits at fancy events. Makes things more fun. 

Desktop Ping Pong: How fun would it be to bring this out on a Friday night and get a little digital detox? Maybe the winner gets a foot rub from the other.

New coffee gadgets: If he loves a good brew, then there's plenty of cool stuff to update his daily coffee needs. I thought this french press was really classic and it's small so he could take it to work!

100 Places You Must Visit Before You Die Poster: For the guy that has the travel bug, or even a fun way to document your adventures together. You get to peal off the places you've been to show the illustration behind it. So cool!

For the kid in him, Lego: How can you all go wrong? I think we are all still hoping to get toys for Christmas, so why not treat him to something awesome? And on the bright side, it might keep him entertained for a few hours!

I hope this was a helpful guide for guys! Leave me some comments below of any ideas you've had and we can help each other :)
Steph x. 

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