Being Okay With Having Less This Christmas

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Happy Blogmas Day 10! 

This is definitely going to be more of a chatty post, which I probably don't do enough of. This is going to be an honest and personal post and I'm hoping there will be some of you who can relate and maybe feel better about it.
 So grab a cup of tea or coffee, whatever your preference/need, and let's dive in!

I think you guys can get the gist that I LOVE Christmas. December is by far my favorite time of year and not just for the festivities. I also have my birthday (4th) Steve's birthday (12th) Dad's birthday (17th) my brother's birthday (18th) and finally our anniversary on the 18th also. It's a busy month with lots of presents to buy, food to make, and a whole lot of fun to go with it.

Christmas makes me wanna go out and buy fairy lights, all the special chocolates, and spoil my loved ones with the things that they deserve. My family has never made Christmas about the material items, but sometimes you just wanna go all out you know? I was single for so long that I only had to worry about myself and my fam.

But 2017 has been different so far. And that's only because I have fully dived into the adult world by moving in with Steve, which has honestly been the best thing ever. We have our independence from flatmates and parents and it's just bliss. We spent months in cramped rooms and we cherish our house so much. And of course bills come with it, but for me it's worth every penny. 

I think everyone struggles with finances at some point in their lives. I've heard stories of how my own parents made things work while me and my brother were little and they did an amazing job at never letting us feel like we missed out on anything. I have friends and workmates who talk about how expensive things are and it reassures me that I'm not failing. I know my time will come when I don't have to worry about money. But in the meantime, I'm learning how to be okay with having less.

We bought our first Christmas tree together this year, which made me that happiest girl ever. We bought a $10 pack of decorations and I skimmed the charity shops for any cute ones. I think our tree looks absolutely beautiful, especially twinkling away at night time.
Since it fell around my birthday, this was Steve's present to me. It was a little sad not opening any presents in the morning when I woke up, but it's okay.

This time of year I have been absolutely desperate for new running shoes. My calf and Achilles have been killing me since my old shoes are just too worn down now. I had to ask my parents for new ones for Christmas because I can't fork out for a good pair of new ones. They're amazing and are more than happy to.
So that's okay as well.

My point is, I may have had a few nights where I cried because I couldn't buy a new dress for my birthday, or I have had to ask for the things I need, rather than the things I want. But it's okay.

I have a roof over my head that I share with the man that I love. We have decent jobs that we like and enables us to pay rent every week.

So if you ever feel like a failure because you have $5 left on the week you get paid again, don't. Because we all have to learn how to make things work. It makes me feel proud when I can still provide good meals and keep the house moving along nicely. I'm more grateful for the things that I have now and when I actually can go out and buy something for myself, even if it does come from a charity shop.

Remember to take a moment to be grateful for all the little things this holiday season.
Life is good. It will never be perfect, but where's the fun in that? ; )

What are you grateful for?
Steph x. 

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  1. we do get wrapped up in christmas and all that comes with it but it's the little things we remember