Daily Blog: The Best Mexican & Gingerbread Cookies!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Happy Sunday Everyone!

My body clock can never sleep past eight, so I'm up at a reasonable hour this morning. I wasn't able to post my second day of blogmas, so it's pretty much the first thing I'm doing this morning. I was in the sun far too much yesterday and ended up being really dehydrated. But my amazing boyfriend took care of me and I'm feeling a lot better today. 

Advent calendar time! Yes, it's a Minion one and I love it. 

It's going to be another hot day today, so I'm watering my garden early. I planted some tomatoes a few weeks ago and they're going great! I'm slowly learning some gardening skills from my Mum and hopefully will be able to produce something at the end of it. I usually can't keep plants alive, so I'm proud of how it's growing!

I'm not super-hungry this morning, so I'm not making a huge effort with breakfast. I was craving toast so I had some with banana. And yesterday my Mum was lovely enough to buy me a paleo/gluten-free salted caramel muffin from our favorite smoothie stop, which should fill me right up.

CrossFit HQ are doing a worldwide Lift-Off competition for all of the affiliate gyms, so I headed down to check out everyone from my box who was competing. I'm not confident in my lifting skills yet and my body is wrecked this week, which means I just wanted to be a spectator. But maybe next year I'll try!

I had to leave early so that I could get ready for my birthday lunch! My Aunt and Uncle are driving up to see us and we are going to my favorite restaurant. Really looking forward to eating lots of delicious food!
(side note: one of the rare occasions my hair isn't in a pony tail and gym clothes are no where to be seen.)

The tacos here are amazing and this time I got the turmeric prawn one that came with a mango salsa. It was so so good, but that was only my starter. Next came mushroom and leek chimichangas and oh wow were they awesome! If you've never had them, they're a filled tortilla that's been wrapped and fried, then served with a dipping sauce. Highly recommended! 

You can never leave without devouring some of their churros. Still not up to the Disneyland standard, but they're pretty damn good. 

I had some free time when I got home and thought I'd get all festive by making gingerbread cookies! There's a recipe I've been wanting to try out and maybe put on the blog this month.

So far, so good, although the recipe seems a little dry.

OMG the house smells so amazing! It's the best thing about baking cookies. They taste pretty good too!

Mum and Dad came over and brought me these adorable cupcakes :) They wanted to make sure I had cake for my birthday tomorrow. Of course they got me the one with the dog on it!

Steve came home from work and then we decided to venture out and see if we could find balloons for my birthday. Our first stop was unsuccessful and we got a little discouraged. But we went to the supermarket for dinner ingredients and found them!

We are having pizzas tonight, which I haven't made in a while. Steve loves them and I think the secret is these garlic filled pita breads. Here's how I do it:

Start with a really good pizza sauce base

Add a base of cheese

Then top with your favs (veggies for me/ a mountain of meat for Steve)

Top with lots of cheese, a sprinkle of dried oregano and bake until crispy!

We made a little blanket fort to get all cozy and eat our pizza in while we watch a movie. It's a perfect Sunday evening!

I hope you enjoyed Blogmas day three! I promise there's Christmas-themed posts coming.
Hope you're all having a fabulous December so far!

Steph x. 

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  1. Oooh, every food you mentioned (and showed) here looks DIVINE! Especially the churros and cupcakes! (sweet tooth, what can I say haha)
    Happy belated birthday, and have an awesome year!

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog