My 2017 Gratitude List

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Here's me reluctantly admitting that Christmas is over, but oh boy am I happy for the New Year!

I was planning on making my usual yearly review about why it was my best year yet (life still gets better every year) but I came across this post by A Rosie Outlook and thought it was a much better idea! So credit goes to her for the post you are about to read.

There have been so many blessings this year, hard times too, but looking at all the happy things has me feeling so grateful. This time a year ago I was still at home, one dog left, just got together with Steve, working part-time, a newbie at a CrossFit, and my Instagram was only just above-average. To say that I'm in a different place now is an understatement and it all feels right. I always love this time of year where you wonder what you'll be writing in your new yearly round-up.

Here are the 50 things I'm most grateful for in 2017:

1. Moving out of home and into the perfect house for me and Steve

2. Road trips to Dunedin

3. The chance to complete a Spartan Race

4. Getting full-time work

5. Jane the Virgin on Netflix

6. Paddle boarding on Kailua beach in Hawaii

7. Working hard on an Instagram feed that I'm proud of

8. All those Crossfit classes

9. Carly Rowena keeping me motivated as a blogger/in fitness

10. New foodie places we found in the city

11. Our family adopting Bond

12. Hitting 700 followers

13. Epic shopping day in Hawaii with Mum and the boys

14. Cozy blankets

15. Sunny Spring weather

16. Competing in a CrossFit comp and coming 3rd

17. Slow cookers

18. Ice cream dates by the beach

19. Night Noodle Market

20. Wireless bras

21. Instagram stories

22. Croissants for breakfast on a Sunday

23. Having my own kitchen

24. My Mum always shouting lunch because otherwise I'd be too poor to leave the house

25. Little Mix

26. My saint boyfriend putting up with my crazy hormone-episodes

27. Original source shower gels

28. Kmart home-wares stepping up their game

29. Making new friends (especially you Mel)

30. Clearance sections

31. Vegetarian bacon

32. Late night McDonald's dessert runs

33. Playing UNO with Steve

34. Thor Ragnarok

35. Queenstown marathon run

36. Days of blogging in bed and marathoning The Big Bang Theory

37. Avocado on toast

38. Emailing a dog breeder for our dream dog

39. Puppy-sitting for friends/relatives dogs

40. Discovering Acacia Brinley (follow her!)

41. Beautiful sunrises after an early workout

42. Being able to kick into a handstand

43. Food shopping (the best kind)

44. Having a scare and realizing I do want my own lil family soon

45. Getting back into blogging after a long burnout

46. Turmeric lattes

47. When Ollie the cat chooses me for cuddles

48. Charity shops

49. Buying our first Christmas tree

50. Everyone (IRL or online) that has made me smile and laugh in 2017

Going into 2018 I'm more confident as an adult, a blogger, an athlete, a girlfriend (wife skills improving all the time) and as a woman. At the beginning of the year there were a lot of uncertain things that would come in time, so I feel great now that it all worked out how it was meant to.

I LOVE the feeling of a new year and what adventures await.

Goals for next year? 

1000 followers here and on Instagram would be bloody great.

Get stronger.

Write heaps.

But most importantly, make lots of memories.

Have a Happy New Year Everybody!
Steph x. 

What's on your 2017 gratitude list?


  1. Aww this is a lovely post Steph! :) We love reading about your journey and progress, you make us smile and motivate us all the time! :) We hope you have a wonderful New Year and wish you all the very best for 2018! Loads of love, Lucy and Kelly xx

    1. You too my lovelies! I hope you have the happiest New Year and you find peace in 2018 :)
      Steph x.