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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Happy Blogmas Day Six!

I know most of you will be all snuggled up with winter blasting outside, but down here in the southern hemisphere we are enjoying out summer weather while we can! I do miss getting some writing inside while the rain is coming down, although I would never trade it for the sunshine. Lately it had been HOT here, like almost 30*C everyday. It's been blissful being able to put shorts and sandals on to rock the day. 

I thought it would be fun to share what summer is all about for us Kiwis and what my favorite things about this season are. Enjoying the weather in December is a big part of Christmas for us. Be prepared for me to talk too much about food once again (when do I talk about anything else?) 


Hell yeah baby! I think my food obsession started growing up with summer barbecue parties with the family. And it's always the simple food that's the best. I'm talking my Mum's salads, various breads, prawns, scallops, potato salad, grilled potatoes, and any kind of bubbles you want. And the meat eaters are happy of course. You can always go back for seconds and the weather is so nice that you can sit outside. I live for this time of year because it's the best for food!

I can finally wear my SUMMER DRESSES
This time of year is always my favorite for dressing up. Whenever we go on holiday I buy more summer clothes and look forward to wearing them on warm days so much. I've found some personal favorites lately and it makes my day way more fun when I get to wear them.

SUMMER BERRIES! With yogurt, ice cream, porridge, smoothies, whipped cream, and on every single dessert! There's usually a peak in these months where berries are sold for a really good deal, so you can have them for breakfast every single morning. Fresh raspberries are always my favorite and I can eat a whole punnet if I don't stop myself. It's the best time of year for fruit for sure.

*nerd alert* How cool is it that we've been getting a new installment every year in December? And it always falls right on my brother/Dad's birthdays too. It's not just about the geek in me that's always loved the series, but it's become a tradition for the past 2 years to go and see the new movie as a family (once on opening weekend and again on Christmas Eve.) So I'm really looking forward to the fun and the excitement of it all!

Oh I love how I can come from work at 8pm and I feel like I still have my whole evening ahead of me. In winter I always want to get warm again and end up falling asleep in front of the TV after dinner. But at least now I can pot about the garden, do Christmas shopping with Steve, or walk the dog (when I get one :D) The days just seem longer and I feel more productive because the sun makes me happy. Gotta love day light savings!

What are some of your summer favorites you love, and maybe miss a little? 
Steph x. 

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  1. Ok usually I am such a debbie downer in summer because I prefer winter but I forgot about summer barbeques so yesssss now I am way happier, I love those!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode