24 Things I've Learned At 24

Thursday, 3 December 2015

 Hello Everyone!
If you didn't know, today is my 24th birthday! How did I get so old so fast!? Where has the time gone? Although I am very happy to have my awkward/angst teen years far behind me now and to currently be in a great place.
I was going to write a serious and heartfelt post about what I had learned BUT you guys have probably heard it all before. So here's a fun list of what life has taught me so far. It might not be helpful, but I hope it's at least a little bit more entertaining for you. 

I have learned...

1. You really shouldn't drink coffee after 5pm

2. Don't eat potato chips at the cinema unless you want people to glare at you

3. Drugstore makeup can be just as good as the expensive stuff

4. Never let your toast go cold

5. A cup of tea will always make you feel better. Or a hot chocolate with a mountain of marshmallows

6.You'll have some of your best ideas come to you while in the shower, exercising, or at work. But, rather annoyingly, never when you are actually at your desk

7. Exercise is incredibly rewarding, it just doesn't feel like it at 6am

8. Marry someone you would be proud to have children turn out like

9. Life is more fun when you aren't afraid of looking like an idiot

10. Pancakes at 10pm are always a great idea

11. Create a bucketlist then attack that sucker. Life is too short, so make it as fun as you can!

12. Be like Cinderella and spread kindness like confetti. There isn't enough of that it the world

13. Talking to people about what they're passionate about and seeing their eyes light up is one of the best things ever

14. Invest in your favorite scent of shower gel, it's the best way to start your day

15. You're never too old to go to Disneyland. Never.

16. Dream big and never settle for an average life. You're worth more than that

17. Everybody has their own definition of fun and others might not fit yours, and that's OK

18. If you're not happy, you need to change something until you are. Even if it's just what you eat for breakfast

19. Defying people's expectations of you is immensely satisfying and fun

20. Always respect history and what people gave up for us to live the way we do today

21. A life without regrets is easy when you just go for things and treat it like a life lesson, even when it doesn't work out

22. Some days you just have to grab some coffee, tie your hair back and handle things like a #BOSS

23. Life is too short to not wear bright lipstick whenever you want, even if you are just home alone

24. Don't ever feel guilty for binge-watching TV shows. Everyone does it (right?)

That did get slightly serious, but I had to chuck a few of those in there.
I will be back tomorrow to show you how I celebrated turning 24!
Happy Blogmas!
Steph x.

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