Our Christmas Traditions

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hello Everybody!
One of the reasons I love this time of year is carrying on the same Christmas traditions I've had since my childhood. I think some of my happiest memories have come from Christmas time with family. I love hearing about the ways people celebrate, so I thought I would share mine! 

A Big Christmas Brunch
Complete with pancakes, home-made hash browns, eggs any way, mushrooms and everything else you could think of to get you through Christmas day. Kid's wine (sparkling grape juice) is an absolute must, and have to be served in wine glasses for the fun of it. We have it every single year with at brunch and we usually end up fighting over who gets the last of the bottle. And of course we get the Christmas crackers out too. It's the best breakfast of the year!

Christmas Eve Shopping
This is something my Mum has done since she was a little girl and so every year we battle the crowds to fulfill this tradition. There's always last-minute supplies that we need and it just doesn't feel the same if we aren't rushing around the day before Christmas!

Watching the Toronto Santa Parade
My brother and I used to get up every Christmas morning to watch this on TV. I think my parents were grateful that it gave them a bit of a sleep-in! We don't have anything like this in New Zealand so it was always fun seeing the different floats. Nowadays it plays at 3am so we have to record it, but it's worth it.

New Clothes For The Big Day
Since Christmas day is always a family affair and my Mum goes all-out on food, we go out and buy a completely new outfit for the day too. This is another one of my Mum's traditions passed down and it makes the day feel special. It always feels great putting on brand new clothes too.

Christmas Baking
Even though it's summer, it's not Christmas without some baking! We usually put together our favorite recipes and give a big basket to my Granddad as a present, which he loves. This year I'm going to bake and decorate my first ginger bread house, should be fun!

Watching The Polar Express and The Grinch on Christmas Eve  
We starting doing this a few years ago and it just became a new tradition for us. Some of the time we just have it on in the background while we finish some food prep for the next day or do some baking. They're two of my favorite Christmas movies and even though I've watched them countless times, they always make me feel festive.

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?
Steph x.


  1. Great post Stephanie! Christmas baking and Christmas movies are the ones that get me super excited for Christmas haha! x


    1. Thank you! There's nothing like the smell of gingerbread, right?
      Steph x.

  2. Omg this post just made me really excited for Christmas! I love how every family has their own traditions and things they do leading up to Christmas. It just feels very Christmas-y! Great post :)

  3. Aw, yay! I'm so glad it made you happy! =D I love reading about personal Christmas stories too.
    Thank you! Steph x.