My Christmas BucketList

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

 Hello Everyone!
I find every Christmas I have certain things I really want to do to make the festive season even better. You've got to make it magical, right? It's also fun to create new traditions and try things I've only seen people do in movies. New Zealand can be quite different culturally to other countries at Christmas time, especially since it's summer here at the moment. December for us means lots of BBQs, beach picnics, and cheeky ice creams. We're pretty lucky, but it's nice to try new things!

Here's a little list of things that I want to do in the festive season:

Make a snow globe 
I know this is very Pinterest, but I flipping love snow globes! We seem to have a severe lack of them in our Christmas decorations and I'm sure I can find room on my bookshelf for a few. Should be easy, right?

Make Christmas meringues 
I've always wanted to master the art of making a perfect meringue, so what better time of the year to do it! It wouldn't be a Kiwi Christmas without meringues with dessert anyway. I may try to make a few batches so that I can get it right for the big day.

Create my new favorite Christmas drink
I'm going to take inspiration from various coffee shops here and create the ultimate hot chocolate for Christmas' to come. The best part is that this will mean A LOT of taste testing to get the recipe right. I'm thinking of adding mint, maybe?

Build a Gingerbread House
Confession time: I've never made or even decorated a gingerbread house. It's not a common thing in New Zealand, and I feel like I've missed out all these years. So this December I'm gonna do it! I have already bought molds to bake them and a recipe to use, so wish me luck! (Any tips?)

Make and hang paper snowflakes 
This is something I mean to do every year, but I am yet to do it. I also have a lack of decorations for my room so this will be perfect! I love being crafty too, so it should be fun. 

Are you trying anything new this Christmas? Let me know!
I hope you're enjoying Blogmas so far
Until tomorrow, Steph x.

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Photo Credit Snow Globe: Classycutter
Photo Credit Gingerbread House: Lulu's Sweet Secrets
Photo Credit Meringue: Bakingamoment
Photo Credit Snowflakes: justsomethingimade


  1. I Did a Christmas bucket list for Blogmas Day 2!! Loved your ideas, hope you manage them all!

  2. Awesome, great minds thing alike! Thanks so much, I'm gonna go check yours out =)
    Steph x.

  3. This is amazing!! I've always wanted to make my own snow globe <3

    1. Aw thank you so much! Me too, you should give it a go! =)
      Steph x.

  4. All these things seem so christmassy! I am defiantly going to try some of these! Thank you! I am also doing blogmas this year :)

    1. Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Awesome, I'll go check it out =)
      Steph x.