Behind The Scenes of Hello, Steph

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

 Hello Everyone!
 I thought it would be fun to take you on a behind the scenes look of my blog. I know I'm still relatively new to the blogging world, but I've managed to come up with a system that works really well for me. I always plan for 3 posts per week, so I have to have a bit of help staying organized. Y'all know how it is.

Notebooks, Notebooks, Notebooks.

Probably the most important part of how I stay organized with my blogging. I'm someone who loves to have everything written down, especially because I'm super-forgetful. I have one main journal where I write everything from blog posts, my weekly planner, or blog updates that I need to do. It's one of those organized messes that only makes sense to me! I approach each post quite differently; sometimes I write it all out by hand with bulletpoints, sometimes I just type it on to Blogger over a week, or sometimes I just go by the pictures I've taken.

Since it's necessary for me to record all of my ideas, I have a list journal which I keep beside me at all times. I have multiples lists of blog post ideas ready in case I get writers block or just want to save one for later. I usually write out any blogging/brand tips in here too.
I also keep digital notes on my phone for whenever an idea hits me when I'm not at home, which happens quite often! Or I usually carry a small notebook in my bag somewhere if I need it.

I did warn you there would be lots of notebooks!

To-do List

I don't think I would survive a busy week without my to-do list! I got this one from kikki-k which is one of my favorite places to shop for stationary. I find it really reassuring to see all my tasks ahead of me and to cross them off throughout the day. It definitely helps me be more productive!

A Big-Ol' White Board

Visualization at it's best! I keep this directly behind my laptop, so when I'm writing I can look up and see what I need to do. It keeps me productive and organized without me even realizing. It does tend to get a bit messy after a week, so I make it a habit to wipe it all off and start again each week.
Here's what I write:
  • This week's posts
  • Next week's posts
  • Daily Goal
  • Weekly Goals
  • Brand Ideas
  • Blog Updates to do

Photography: Digital SLR Camera

This is by far the best investment I could have made for my blog. I got the Canon 700D, which is great for someone like me who has never used one before. The difference in quality with my old camera is astounding, plus I've been able to take it on holiday and get some great shots. I edit all of my photos on the Afterlight app since it's so easy to use and my pictures can come out great. 

 Mini Flay-lay Studio

I absolutely love flat-lays! I love creating them or seeing them on other blogs. My awesome Dad built this little studio for me, which has made my blog photography a lot easier and more fun to play around with. I saw some DIY posts on Pinterest and thought it would be pretty easy to put together (It's just a cardboard box, folks!) It's not quite big enough for me to do fashion flat-lay photos, but one day when I have my own office I can build a bigger one.

Sometimes I just use a big piece of white card, which is so cheap and you can move it to the spot in your house with the best light. I've also started buying gift wrap to use a backgrounds in my photos, which is another affordable way to get better photos. I think the visuals on your blog are really important and I've learned never to put up a picture I'm not happy with. 

And that's how I stay organized and work on my blog posts!
I hope that was helpful =)

How do you stay organized with your blog or everyday life?
Until tomorrow, Steph x. 

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  1. Great post - like the idea of using wrapping paper for backgrounds!

    KT xo.

    1. Thank you! I got the idea from Pinterest and thought it was genius!
      Steph x.