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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hello Everyone!
This year I finally invested in a decent sized bookcase, seeing as my book-buying addiction was leaving me with little room. Personally, I don't think that I could ever live in a house without books and whenever I go to someone's house I usually get distracted by whatever book collection they have. Anyone else do that? Anyway, here's how I organize all of my books and some of the accessories I have on my shelf, starting from the top:

To-be-read Shelf
Naturally as a bookworm I can't read one book without buying ten more. So, of course I need an entire shelf just for all the books I haven't read yet. I can be quite moody when it comes to reading, I usually know what kind of genre I want. Hence why I need quite a different collection ready to go!

Most of what I read is YA, just because I love fiction and there are so few books with characters my age. I tend to go through phases where I buy books from bookdepository every week, but I've now forced a book buying ban on myself until I get through some of these. 

This is probably my favorite find this year. It's a story book based on the 2015 Cinderella movie, which I absolutely adored. The artwork is amazing so I had to buy it.

Three (kinda) organized shelves
The next shelves down are organized alphabetically, except for a few books that are tucked in because I ran out of room.



These three shelves hold the bulk of my twenty (or so) years of collecting books. What's great about it is that each of these books bring back memories and I can usually remember where I was in my life when I read them.

The Miscellaneous Shelf 

I seriously apologize for the state of this particular shelf. It's that awkward stage where my fiction books run out and I just start sticking random books in instead. The very end is home to most of my journals (used and unused). This Alice in Wonderland one is probably my favorite, especially since I bought it at the New York Public Library (which is honestly the most beautiful building I have ever been in).

One of my travel journals, this was from my 2014 trip to the US

University Non-fiction Collection  

As you can probably guess, this is where I keep the mountain of textbooks I accumulated from my university days. There are some really cool ones so I really wanted to keep them. Any guesses as to what I studied? #historynerd

Harry Potter Boxes
Of course these books have to have their own set shelves! To be fair though, the last four are massive and take up a lot of room anyway. These are the originals we collected growing up (hence the tape around a few!) Although I've been thinking of building up a second set, since some of the designs are really cool. 

 Some of these are extra-special because they were Christmas gifts from my grand-parents. I was always that kid that loved getting books as presents!

YA Favorites Box

 Not sure why I started doing this, but for some reason this box just became the place to put my favorite reads. Obviously The Hunger Games, Delirium, and Maze Runner series are here. It also makes for easy access when I feel like reading them again.

Classics Box

A while ago I started collecting a few classics to have on my shelves. I haven't read as many of these as I probably should have, I just find the writing a lot harder to get into compared to modern authors. I will say that I really enjoyed reading Sherlock Holmes, but The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was terrifying! Nothing like the sweet movie.

I find most of my most important mementos end up with my books. They always bring a lot of character to my shelves and make me smile when I walk past. Here are my favorite ones:

1. Medal from my first half-marathon
2. Cinderlla Pop Vinyl, Planet Projector I got from the Smithsonian and my State of Liberty I got after we climbed to the crown in New York (which was terrifying by the way).
3. My best-of jars 2014 and 2015. I basically write all the good things that happened this year and put them in the jar for me to read on New Years Eve.
4. My old photography camera from High School.
5. Pocahontas figurine I got when I was 4, going to my first movie.
6. First edition Beatrix Potter book I got at a market.

There we go! A little tour of my bookshelf for you. The only thing I'm missing now is some fairy-lights, then I think I will have it exactly how I want it.

What is your favorite book series? I would love some recommendations.
Until tomorrow!
Steph x.

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