A Christmas Afternoon Snaps Diary

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hello Everyone!
I decided to spend my Sunday getting lots of Christmas stuff ready, seeing as it's now less than two weeks away (seriously, how?!) It turned out to be a perfect day for baking, and mother nature even turned out backyard white for a little while.

I really wanted to practice making a gingerbread house and I found a healthy recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks, The Happy Cookbook which is one of my favorites to use.

We had a crazy storm come through with thunder lightning passing directly above us. It even turned our back yard white with hail stones. Believe it or not, it's supposed to be summer right now.

And our Christmas tree is finally up! No one else in my family was that enthusiastic about it, so I took it upon myself to decorate it. I tried to stick with a red/white/gold theme and I love how it turned out. Now it's really starting to feel like Christmas!

A tradition we always have at Christmas is to make a big brunch for everyone. Since my Mum is gluten-free I thought I would try out a recipe for pancakes made with Buckwheat flour, using the same recipe book as before. I added some cacoa powder to make them chocolate flavored, because why not!

They were really good actually, especially with strawberries. Buckwheat can taste quite nutty so I might add some sweetener next time. This is why we experiment, folks!

She wasn't happy that we moved her bed to make room for the tree...

The lightning storm came back and actually blew out our router, so we had no wifi until my brother replaced it with our old one. Believe me, I was starting to panic!
 I decided to watch a bit of Sherlock to pass the time. I forgot how much I missed it!

My healthy batch of gingerbread didn't work out so I made another one and it turned out great, thank goodness! I've never had much luck baking gingerbread.

So it all seemed to be going well, but then I broke one of the ends...

I mastered the art of baking, but not the construction! As you can see it turned into a bit of a disaster...I was getting quite agitated by this point so I called it a night. Never ever bake in bad mood!

Never mind the baking disaster, it was still a lovely afternoon and the house is definitely feeling more festive now! I shall try the gingerbread house construction again next week. Always live and learn.

How do you like this style of post? It was quite fun to make. 
Steph x.

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  1. I love gingerbread its my fav treat at this time of year! And snow I wish it snowed where I am, i loveeee snow!

    Amy x

    1. Same! It's so good. I don't know why I find it so tricky to bake with though. Have you ever made one?
      Me too! Snow is the best thing ever! Even having our backyard white for 10 minutes was nice.
      Steph x.