April Lifestyle Favorites

Friday, 29 April 2016

Hello Everyone! I feel like April was a really great month and I found some awesome things to share with you. I finally found some new music to listen to, TV shows to binge-watch instead of socializing, and yet another journal project to keep me busy. The only thing missing is books, since I got myself into a bit of reading-rut that I've struggled to get out of. But it's a new month so I will try and get more reading done. Here's what I loved in April:

Essano Rosehip Cleasning Water 

This is my new skin savior and a product I just can't live without anymore. My skin had been bad for a while and nothing was calming it down. I switched from using the Simple brand of cleansing water to this one and it made such a difference to my complexion. I picked it up because I knew that Rosehip oil is really great for your skin and I had used it before with great results. I love that it's a New Zealand brand too!

Rocky is quite the favorite in my family, so naturally we wanted to watch the latest film. You guys know of my love of boxing as well which made me want to watch it even more. It was such a great movie and really inspiring to anyone who has a dream to make it big. It's one of those movies that reminds you that to get what you want most, you have to be willing to go the extra mile (sometimes literally) in order to get it. I loved this movie as a modern Rocky and I highly recommend it!

 This one is entirely my trainers fault. He wanted to know what I thought of it and I ended up watching the entirety of season one over the weekend. It's not as gritty or gruesome as I thought it would be. Yeah, there's tonnes of blood and killing, but they are Vikings. The thing that has me hooked is how much drama happens in just a few episodes. I'm not talking about petty squabbles either, but full-on battles and achievements that make history books. There are some pretty badass characters that just make the show for me (Lagertha is queen bae) and it's made for the History channel, so you learn a little bit too!

Marvel's Daredevil   
 You may have seen in my What I'm Currently Geeking Out About post that this show has been a major love of mine lately. I've struggled to get into super-hero shows in the past (which is really weird for me) but this one has me hooked. I love that we get some awesome fight scenes, as well seeing the soft side of Matt Murdock when he's with his friends. I'm currently trying to finish season 2, which has been really great so far. I'm personally not a fan of Electra, but the Punisher has been really cool to watch and see how he interacted with Daredevil. 

Jason Derulo
As much as I don't always agree with how he sings about women in his songs, damn Jason Derulo can come up with some really catchy tunes! I quite often have Talk Dirty playing on my ipod at the gym, and one of my YouTubers (Mr Ben Brown) was playing Get Ugly in one of his videos so I got hooked.

Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman
I am completely obsessed with this song! I enjoy Ariana's music, but this song in my all-time favorite. It's so sexy and has a great beat; I often use it as my cool-down song at the gym. This song also describes someone I know really well, so I can relate to what she's singing about.

Little Mix 
These girls just keep getting better. I've been listening to their latest album, Get Weird, a lot this month and the songs are just so much fun that it puts me in great mood. I'm currently obsessed with Grown and Weird People. I really wish their tour was coming near me!

Bullet Journals  

I know that this is quite a big trend right now, but I am totally on board with it and love reading blog posts about how people use them. It didn't take me long to go running to my local bookstore and buy my own journal to start creating pages. I love the freedom of bullet journals and how much you can personalize how you use it. I've been using mine for tracking TV shows and for notes when I'm at the gym. I love adding colors and doodles to make the pages a bit more interesting. I did a post on how I got started if you would like some tips : ) 

 Did you find any new favorites in April?
Steph x. 


  1. I haven't seen the rosehip micellar water - where did you get it ?!
    kathy x

  2. Creed was an AMAZING movie! Loved it!

    I totally need to look into that rosehip water. Seems like something I may like :)

    - Brooke