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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Hello Everyone!
If you didn't know, I watch YouTube like people watch Netflix. It's an honest problem. And one thing I love is finding new YouTubers to watch, and it's even cooler when they are from the same tiny country as you! I've been watching the lovely Shannon for a few months now and she quickly became one of my favorite people on the internet. My lunch time usually consists of me sitting down to watch her latest beauty video or vlog. This month she has also done the most amazing Halloween tutorials, go check her channel out and show her some love!

YouTube name (s): Shaaanxo and Shaaanxo Vlogs
Origin: New Zealand
Age: 23
Type of videos: Beauty Tutorials, Tips, Hauls, Reviews etc.
Viewers: It doesn't matter what level of makeup skills you have, Shannon will have a video for you.
Regular Uploads: 3 times a week! Plus, daily vlogs on her second channel. 

Why you will love Shannon:
  • Her dogs Zeus and Lewie are adorable
  • She's a sweet and genuine person #friendgoals
  • Hey boyfriend Hamish is hilarious
  • She is honest with her viewers and shows both the up and down sides to YouTube
  • She can be pretty bad-ass and stands up for herself
  • Her tutorials cater for everyone

Recommended Beauty Videos:

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