Gym Tips for Beginners- Ways to make it easy!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Hello Everyone! 
It might sound weird, but I absolutely love running and I am completely addicted to going to the gym. I haven't always been an active person and it's taken a while for me to find a routine that actually works. I started running over a year ago with my Mum and that pretty much kicked off my fitness journey. When my work hours got changed and it was too dark to run by myself, I made the best decision ever to join a gym. I started out as a rookie, but I've since been able to learn a lot of tricks for both getting to the gym and making it a fun experience. 
I thought I would share everything that I have picked up along the way and show you ways to make starting out easier!

What's in my gym bag:
  • Drink Bottle
  • Small towel
  • Lip Gloss
  • Makeup wipes
  • Phone + headphones
(I should point out that my gym is only a 5-10 minute drive from my house so I don't bother showering there).

My number one tip: Get a personal trainer!
This is the best thing I could have for my fitness. It was very daunting the first time I entered the gym, saw all of the machines and what looked like gymnastics equipment, and knew that I had no idea what I was doing. A trainer will give you a workout based on what results you want, your own fitness level, and can show you how to use all the cool stuff!

I had a session the other day with my trainer and I just said "Give me something fun to do." Now he has me doing push-ups while I'm attached to resistance bands, which is like being in a bungee cord. The point is, he gives me stuff I look forward to coming in and doing. He's a pretty cool guy too, so it's like working out with a friend! Best money I could ever spend.

Plan days of the week you want to go, then don't think about it!
This is a big one for me. If I start thinking about going to work out, I will ALWAYS find an excuse not to go. Always. You have to push those thoughts away and just get in the car and go! Never start talking yourself out of it. Just remember that you'll never regret going, but you will if you don't.

Start slow!
Fitness takes it's sweet time to build up, so be patient, be persistent, and keep working hard. I promise you, it will all pay off in time. I've known so many people who rush into it, get hurt and then give up because of it. Last year it took me months and months to be able to run 5km, And you know what? I ran a half marathon this year (22km) so I am living proof of hard work paying off. This is also where a personal trainer comes in handy!

Fuel Yourself
This is super important to maintaining your fitness. A car can't go far with a low tank of petrol, right? Same principle. Make sure you have a good breakfast and then refuel afterwards with a high-protein snack. I have a chocolate protein shake after each workout, or run, to build my muscle back. It's pretty much me rewarding myself with a milkshake! Protein is actually great for weight-loss, so it's a win-win! I also try to keep to "Clean Eating" by cutting out processed foods. I still allow myself a whole damn pizza every now and again, but fitness and nutrition need the same amount of devotion. 

But what about other people?
I know it's intimidating when the person on the next treadmill is running faster than you. BUT the most important thing to remember is that everyone at the gym is at a different fitness level to each other. There is absolutely no use in comparing yourself to anyone else. Just the fact that you showed up is awesome!
It's also a great idea to find a time to go that suits you. Personally, I'm very put-off by a busy gym. I usually go around 10.30am or 3-4pm when it's lovely and quiet! It's not that I'm insecure, my brain is just easily distracted when there's heaps of people around and starts to freak out. The joys of being introverted.

 The Buddy System really does work!
I know, every single fitness advice column tells you this. But it really is an effective way of going to the gym regularly. You don't even have to go to the same gym, just send texts to each other saying "Did you work out this morning? I did!" I started doing this with my Mum last year and it's been great motivation since we don't want to let the other one down.

Other tips to remember:
  • 21 days makes a habit, so stick with it for three weeks and you'll be set!
  • Invest in good shoes and take your time choosing them. Trust me, you'll notice a difference.
  • Avoid wearing tight tops that make you re-adjust them every 5 minutes.
  • If your workouts start getting easy, it's time to challenge yourself again.
  • Buy new work out clothes every so often to make you excited to go to the gym and show them off.
  • Always reward yourself. Shout yourself a coffee or a new lipstick. You deserve it!
  • Listening to music is great for zoning out and making you forget you're doing exercise. 
 Just aim for a 30minute work out, 3-4 times a week and you'll do great!

So those are my words of wisdom to anyone who wants to start working out at a gym. It really is such a small part of your day, and you'll be rewarded for it too. I never thought I would become a gym-junkie, but here I am! Feeling healthier and stronger than ever. You won't regret it!

Tell me what your fitness goals are in the comments! Let's help each other out.
Until next time x. 

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