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Friday, 2 October 2015

One of the reasons why I got into blogging myself was because I loved finding new blogs to read and follow. I also spend way too much of my morning going through twitter and seeing what posts have been put up. There are quite a few titles that will catch my eye and I can't help but click on the link and have a gander. From one blogger to another, here are my favorite type of posts that I always stop to read:

Favorites/Things I'm loving
Whether it's monthly, weekly or just a general update, I love reading about what products have worked for others and why they loved them. Plus, the writing is always fun since they're excited to share the stuff they love!

Life Updates
I once read a post by a blogger who quit her job and had decided to start her own business. The next week I spent ages trying to find her blog again so I could get an update! It doesn't even have to be about anything big, it's just nice when people share what's going on in their lives. 

What's in my make-up bag
Because we are all nosy and like seeing what other people use, right? These are also some of my favorite YouTube videos as well. It's the best topic for getting new ideas for what beauty products to try, since it's pretty much the best of someone's current make-up collection.

Day in the life/Morning Routine 
Again, I'm nosy. I love seeing what other bloggers do with their time. Maybe I'm doing something wrong and I can learn a better use of my day from them. Inspiration can come from anywhere!

Blog Post Ideas
It always gets to a part of the month where I have to start a new list of ideas for the next month. These posts are especially useful if the month is themed as well, like Autumn, Spring, Christmas etc. Writer's block is the worst.

Anything book-related will no doubt get my attention! Hauls, favorites, to-be-read, a monthly round-up, or even a book shelf tour will make me a happy bookworm!

Products Worth the Hype 
I never usually spend the money on a product unless I have heard good things about it. Posts like these are so much help for someone like me who can be a bit indecisive. 

Music Playlists
I've always been useless when it comes to finding new music so these playlists are so helpful for me. I've even found a few people with the same taste as me!

I hope that was helpful to any bloggers out there.
What kind of blog posts do you guys like to read?

List your top 3 in the comments!

'Til next time x.

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  1. Pretty much all the same blogs I stop to read too!