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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

 Hello, everyone!
After coming across a few blog posts and spending far too long pinning outfit inspiration on Pinterest, I decided to do some thinking about what actually defines my own personal style. Also after having an off-week with my self-confidence, this was just the boost I needed!

I am generally quite a confident person, although still very introverted. But we all have our bad days, right? I've also never been one for trends or going out and buying something everyone has. Something else that inspired me to write this post is the song Love Myself  by Hailee Steinfeld, which I am currently obsessed with. It's such an uplifting and fun song that can't help but make you feel good about yourself.
With that in mind, here are the things that celebrate my own personal style and what I love most about it: 

Blue Nails
It's just one of those colors that I'm immediately attracted too, and since my skin is olive-toned blue suits me well. Plus, I feel more like myself when I have my nails painted. Electric blue, Caribbean blue, pastel blue, no matter what tone I pretty much wear them all!

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I know I'm not the only one who enters a clothing store and your eyes are immediately drawn to whatever striped top they're selling? Every time! I find it so classic and elegant and I love pairing striped tops or skirts with other colors or other patterns. 

Zara Perfume
 I picked this up in Washington D.C last year when my Mum and Me had a girls shopping day. I found this in Zara for $30 and it has since become my favorite perfume that I wear all the time. It's a gorgeous vanilla scent, which is a nice change from fruity and floral ones that I usually go for. Plus, it's the only perfume I've ever been complimented on. Need I say more?

High Tops
I think my obsession for these started with the movie A Cinderella Story that came out when I was about twelve. Hilary Duff wore a pink pair of converse, so of course I begged my parents for a pair. Even at 23 they're still my go-to style of shoes. 

 Snow Flake Necklace
It's a tradition in my family to receive a piece of jewellery when you turn 18, and I picked this one since I love snow and everything winter. Unfortunately this is actually my second one as the first broke. I don't actually wear a lot of jewellery, but this is one is a staple for me.

My Glasses
I've had to wear glasses since I was about fifteen, and as I've grown older they have become my best accessory. I have to have quite thick lenses so my frames are always quite bold and thick, which I love! I call these my "Superman" glasses, and the best part is the electric blue on the inside.

 Pandora Bracelet
This is another special item for me. It was a birthday gift from my family and I've collected different charms over the years. I went for leather instead of the usual silver Pandora bracelet since it's a lot more understated and something a little different. I'm quite a sentimental person too, so I love wearing things like this!

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Printed Tees
Another favorite of mine from my early years. Although nowadays I usually pair them with denim shorts or a leather jacket. Don't ask me how many Marvel shirts I own.

I've loved tattoos since I was a kid and I think I was always going to end up with a bunch of them. I used to get bored in Maths class and would draw lyrics and cartoons on my arms. I've always been quite artistic too, so I love the design part of tattoos as well.

Who else loves having fun with their style? This about sums me up, but what about you guys? What defines your personal style and what do you love about it?  
Let me know in the comments!
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'Till next time x.


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