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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hey, Everyone!
While I was out shopping with my Mum the other day, I browsed the beauty section at Farmers and stumbled upon these gems! Goodness is a New Zealand skin-care brand that is certified organic and 100% awesome.

I have been using their Every Morning Moisturizer daily and the Every Week Face Scrub twice a week. So far I am loving the results and I have definitely noticed a difference. They promise healthy skin, and I can honestly say that they keep this promise! From the first time I used their morning moisturizer, my skin has felt so smooth and nourished. The scrub is gentle, yet effective and did not dry out my skin at all. With ingredients like chia seed, avocado, coconut oil and aloe vera, this stuff will keep your skin super-healthy. Plus, they smell amazing!

I've also noticed that since using their products I haven't had as many breakouts (thank you!), and my makeup goes on easily. The formula isn't oily at all, even for someone like me whose skin type can lean towards the oily side. I would highly recommend this brand to anyone looking to try something new, especially if they feel like their skin needs a little nourishing. And to top it off, these products are very affordable and you only need a small amount so they are long-lasting!

I will most definitely be including this brand in a future giveaway, so keep your eyes open!

For more info, here's their website for you to check out. 

What's your favorite skin-care brand? 
Until next time x. 


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