Photography Spotlight: Hawaii

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hello, Everyone!
 For my Mum's birthday this year my family all decided to save our pennies and go to Hawaii for a holiday. We rented an apartment in Waikiki, as well as a car (as Kiwi's we felt so cool in our Dodge Charger; you can't find them at home!) so we ended up doing a lot of exploring around Oahu. 

The worst thing about photography missions in places like Hawaii is just trying to perfectly capture how beautiful it is in a single shot. Not to mention being in complete awe of everything around you; I personally couldn't stop staring at the mountains and how the natural history has formed them. 

I will be writing my Hawaii tips and things you probably didn't know about vacationing there in a post soon, so stay tuned! 

Where would your dream vacation be? Italy is still at the top of my list.
'Till next time x. 

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